Properties of Musk willow sweat

Properties of Musk willow sweat

Do you know what are the benefits of this useful Musk willow sweatt?
Musk willow herb is generally from the ethnic name of the willow tree that is smaller than the size of the butterfly, but it has oil spikes fragrant.

Musk willowherb flowers appear before the leaves open and it is the best type of flower color.
Essential oils from the flowers of this plant are Musk willow sweat plus syrup , aromatic syrup for use and is capable of taking treatment.
Department of Natural Resources and Watershed of Sistan and Blouchestan said: cold , wet nature of Musk willow herb , tonic dementia, heart-natured fun mood and it relieves headaches.

Musk willow and see its medicinal properties

This plant is a good scent and has many properties including dementia and heart tonic properties, fun spirit and…
Musk willow sweats medicinal properties and health benefits
It is a race of weeping willow smaller than the size of its spikes, they are scented with essential oils. The flowers appear before the leaves open and the best kind of that has more yellow flower color. Essential oils from flowers, this plant is called Musk willow sweat that comes with syrup, aromatic syrup to use and it is capable of taking treatment.


Musk willow sweat properties

Nature’s of Musk willow is cold ,wet , tonic ,laxative bowel, dementia, heart and soul are fun and also relieves headaches from Hot nature.
If someone in the throat and the pharynx or the surrounding leeches attached Musk willow leaf can extract and separate the member and they will be removed from the throat. Musk willow sweat can low blood sugar and eats about fifty cubic centimeters of Musk willow are sweat-free.

Health benefits sweat Musk willow

Musk willow spikes of the flavored aromatic plant of the race. In addition to the healing properties of essential is also it is also used as oils Musk willow or sweet-scented syrup.
Musk willow herbal laxative and strengthening the heart, nerves and stimulating sexual powers.This herb strengthens the digestive system and increases appetite.
Musk willow barks decoction of the leaves or the disposal of parasites and worms in the stomach and intestines.
Using Musk willow leaf tea with honey strengthening the nervous system and calms the nerves.
Musk willow flowers boiled with sugar improves , nervousness, depression, neuralgia and rheumatism.
Musk willow is a sweat heart tonic, and, it is very convenient and effective for good health and it also reduces fever and has antipyretic properties.

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