Roman Chamomile

Roman Chamomile

Roman Chamomile (Scientific name: Chamaemelum Nobile ‘) common names: chamomile, real Matricaria, Shirazi chamomile is a plant with the height of 20-30 cm. and it is very fragrant. Its stem has green to white color and the alternate leaves covered with the fluff and they are very slash. The flowers that are integrated appear at a single storey at the end of the stem of the flower in the summer. In every storey, white flowers are around the circle and yellow flowers are  in the prominent and around part of the middle of the circle.


In Roman chamomile plant are some compounds such as Tannins, volatile oil and oil Anievas, gum, bitter substances, sugars, an alkaloid called Ntmyn, a bitter glucoside, Ntmyk acid, phosphoric acid, phytosterols, sulfur. Roman chamomile used part is the dried Capitol. Picking the flowers from mid-July in the dry days to autumn and quickly dried them in the shade with less than 35° C.

Properties and pharmacological effects:

Roman chamomile has hot and dry nature.

From the health benefits of  this herb these are notable:

Roman Chamomile is the stimulant, Stomach tonic, Latif, Assimilator of  the wind, Anti neurological diseases, Anticonvulsant, Antipyretic, Anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic , diuretic, Regulatory and rule-inducing of  menstruation, Disinfectant, healing wounds, increasing milk, Appetizer, vermicide, digesting food, it is tonic and destroy Bile. Roman chamomile in cases of indigestion, relieve headaches, swelling analysis, conjunctivitis, rheumatic pains, crushing bladder stones, relieve menstrual pain, gastritis, Drop to drop urination, Increase milk secretion, wound, come to stop and make menstrual secretions low, fixes fever and fever shocks. In external use brewed Roman chamomile in the form of compresses for the treatment of swollen eyelids or conjunctivitis can be considered to stand.

As an antiseptic and wound healer, it can be compressed on the wounds.


German Chamomile

German Chamomile (Scientific name: (Matricaria chamomilla), is an annual plant,

aromatic and with the height of 20 to 40 cm that can grow in the fields and roadsides.  The Shoots of it has been splits and the leaves of it have long and thin cuts with the appearance of  Petiole. The usable part of  this plant is Capitol, that it will separate from the stem during May to October .


Chamomile Latin name is taken from the Greek words khamai and malon with the means of small flowers with the smell of apples.

Among the various types of chamomile Roman chamomile is more famous.

The scientific name of this plant is Chamaemelum Nobile. Chamomile is a perennial and small plant, with about 30 cm. height, it has a fragrant scent that grows in lawns and sandy areas. Shoot are green-white color. Alternate leaves are small and have narrow cuts, they are irregular and covered with fluff. The flowers are complex in the storey appear in a single mode at the bottom of the stem of the flower. In every storey, white flowers are put in around and yellow flowers are put in the center.

Chamomile tea in addition to the many health benefits, interest to many because of its pleasant scent from the long time ago and has many properties. One of  the most important properties of  this tea is making the strength of the immune system of  the body.  This tea is destroying infections due to colds. It is good for muscle cramps and also beneficial for the women menstrual cramps.


Chemical compounds

Capitol of  this plant is having essential oil. This essential oil in fresh mode is dark blue. That is because of  the existence of the substance called Azolen and gradually with the influence of air and light that these flowers are come to be in green and brown colors. This essential oil has sesquiterpenes of  b and g and as well as Matrykaryn (Matricarine).

Indications in beauty

Use of chamomile in beauty has a history as old as the use of this plant in Attari. Its properties are especially useful for the fragile and sensitive skin to change of the climate. Today, it is applied in the cosmetics industry alone or in combination with other herbs such as Rosemary, Erica, and Violets.

Brewed simple Chamomile has the best effect in external use on skin of  the protection it. The shampoo that has contain Chamomile make the hair little bright. In some countries, Chamomile near Linden and Minit has consumption in the pharmaceutical industry in some of the countries.

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Chamomile is a native plant from the Mediterranean region but its origin has been reported in Minor Asia. It is now widely has distributed in Europe, West Asia, North Africa and North and South of America and Australia. Also, different species of  Matrykaryka grow in different parts of  Iran. (Aromatic medicinal plants – the source of medicinal plants, Institute of  Jihad University). This plant grows in Azerbaijan, Lorestan, Fars Western Qyrvkarzyn Andimeshk and Khuzestan (Ize, seven goals, Shushtar, Rāmhormoz and Behbahan) near Tehran and Damavand as well as in the forest Fandoglo Vylkyj namin. Some other species of daisies grow in various parts of  Europe.