Sekanjabin inflective of  parsi Sykngbyn  the honey vinegar syrup: the  vinegar  and  sugar fix.

About Word

Sekanjabin is a mixture of vinegar + honey. In this way of  the word in linguistics said compounding . Many ancient samples are  in the Persian language  like Skba (Serke + a (word + a)), Suzian (sud + zyan (word + word )),  Skahn (Serkeh +  Ahan (word + word)),   Razmayesh ( Razm +  Azmayesh (word + word)) and innovated vocabulary exercises  …



Sekanjabin In fact, is a mixture of  a Certain amount of  that the people give sweet syrup from them. In some parts were not found that honey or syrup wanted to provide cheap vinegar and sugar were mixed together , and today honey is expensive and the people make it only with sugar.

Alsknjbyn treatise on Arabic language and it is about the interests of  sekanjabin from Sheikh Ibn Sina.


Manuscripts are in the world and they are  present in most libraries. The Latin translation of it is by Andrea Lpagv : it is  already have been published in Venice (Italy).

Sekanjabin recipe Ingredients: natural vinegar 2 units, 5 units Bee few plants, clean water without chlorine 4 points, or as much as is necessary according to the desired concentration. Directions: the first floor of the three component mixture boil them until it reaches the consistency of a quarter and it must simmer until a fifth of it remain .

Note: In preparing sekanjabin spearmint can be used to benefit the fragrance and its properties. Note: Wherever sekanjabin consumption has been advised (honey vinegar) it must prepare, with  natural vinegar, mint Bee few plants and clean water without chlorine in a copper dish.



Any kind of  food in traditional medicine is one or more reformer. The purpose of correcting a kind of food or herbs that taking it with food to the modified side effects of hunger and food intake and its possible impact food has on the body and will double the relevant organs. Power consumption in traditional Iranian reformers have fully complied with food and fruits ,you cannot find any kind of food without the reformer. Sekanjabin also is among them it is useful: to relieve thirst, open blocked arteries, relieve headaches, warm, to strengthen the stomach and liver.

Vinegar and honey is useful to patients phlegm, open blocked arteries, strengthens the stomach and liver and chronic fever, but if to be used vinegar and brown sugar , the taste will be sour and it is consumed sweet smile to cold and to remove bile, tab, open blocked arteries, thirst, diseases of the spleen, liver, and stomach.

If you eat  sekanjabin with  lettuce it will be the appetizer.

If  you eat licorice with sekanjabin it will be useful for colic.

If you drink boiled water to drink sekanjabin it is the best medicine for long and persistent fever.

Lavender is a harmless plant that anyone can use it. Only it is not good for People with bile bowel. Such persons shall eat it with sekanjabin.

How to prepare modern style of Sekanjebin?


Sugar = 5.2 kg

Half a liter of white vinegar

A few branches of fresh mint


Mixed 7 cups water of water with sugar and heat them together , let the sugar dissolve in water, and as they are heat fasten cleaned mint with cotton and put it  in the sugar and water till they  bring to be a consistency syrup, then pour vinegar in syrup after little boiling put them out of the heat, after being cooled syrup, smooth it out. After they come to be cool put them in the bottle and keep the bottle in the cool place.