Sepasi (Canids Flower)

Sepasi (Canids Flower)

Sepasi Canids Flower (Gentianales) is one of the phylum’s of the plants. It is in the group of dicotyledons with joined regular corolla.

Sepasi Flower

Sepasi flower is the genus of Sepasi Canids Flowers with about 400 kinds and wide distribution that one of its properties is the folded between two parts of its corolla. Zechariah Razi uses from this plant for treatment of sick persons. We can point to the acaulescent gentian from its several kinds.

This flower is very beautiful with the green spear leaves and it can be grown easily in the apartment. The plant is resistant to cold and it can be grown easily in winter. For planting, this kind of plant chooses a big size of the pot and fill it with moist soil, sand and rich in organic fertile. Then plant the seeds at a depth of 25 cm. Put the pots under the direct sunlight and the place that it has lots of bright on itself.

Watering the pots must be done regularly and at least two days of the week, for the better drainage of the soil you can make 2 to 3 holes under the pot and choose big saucer for it. Using soluble fertilizers once in a three week helps the plant to grow better.

The proliferation of this plant is possible from the seeds and cuttings in the spring. It has flowered in the summer with the urceolate shape and in blue and purple colours.