Shishlik Kebab

Shishlik Kebab

Ingredients of Shishlik Kebab

200 gram of Sirloin

1 number of Bell Pepper

1 number of Grated Onion

4 numbers of Tomatoes

Half a glass of Yogurt

1 number of Sour Lemon

1 Teaspoon of Brewed Saffron

2 Tablespoons of Olive Oil

Necessary amount of Sheep gear

Necessary amount of Salt and Black Pepper


Howe to prepare Shishlik Kabab?

Cut the Meat in the size of half a centimeter in diameter. Mix the grated Onion, Olive oil, Pepper, Saffron and Yogurt together . Add this liquid to the Meat and at least break it for one night. Drag them to the grill and put a gear between every piece. Slamming on the meat . Salify the meat and roast them.

At the end serve it with sour Lemons, Onions, Tomatoes and Bell peppers.