Sumac Ash (Soup)

Sumac Ash (Soup)

Sumac Ash is the Isfahan traditional food.


Rice flour : 100 gram.

Dry Sumac: 250 gram.

Mince meat: 125 gram.

Vegetables: Torre, Parsley, Tarragon, Coriander, a little mint: 1 kilogram.

Oil: 200 gram.

How to prepare Sumac Ash

If you prepare Sumac Ash with rice flour, it will bake quickly.

  1. After rice prepared you must add washed and crushed vegetables to it. (Whatever the vegetables crushed more your Ash come to be more delicious).
  2. Put salt and pepper to the meat and mix them together.
  3. Make the ingredients in the shape of walnut .
  4. Fry them in the oil and pour them in the Ash.
  5. Wait until Meatballs bake.
  6. Make the Sumac clean, wash them and after that put them in the water. Sumac must be in the water for about one hour. Then it must be filtered through the fabric cloth, push and give the beautiful red water of the Sumac.
  7. Pour the water of Sumac in Ash and then crushed the onions and fry them.
  8. Pour a part of Sumac inside ash and put remain part for the decorate it.
  9. Pour Ash in the bowl and decorate it with mint and fried onion.

Pay attention that if you pour Ash in the Aluminum or enameled bowl it will have really very pretty colour.

Sumac properties:

Sumac has the good effects of the treatment the B hepatitis.  The researchers show that the blue extract of Sumac has the good effect on inhibition of proliferation of B hepatitis virus. Sumac has the properties of disinfection, disinfected and it is used as antimicrobial, infection in foods and spices.