Torsheh Tarreh (Sour Torreh)

Torsheh Tarreh (Sour Torreh)


Vegetables (Parsley, coriander, spinach, torreh, beets): necessary amount

Rice: 100 grams.

Raw Garlic:100 grams.

Pickle (Orange juice or pomegranate juice): necessary amount

Green plums: necessary amount

Egg: 100 grams.

Spices: 100 grams.


(Serve for 2 people)



How to prepare Torsheh Tarreh?

  1. Chop the vegetables with the cleaver in the small shape.
  2. Pour a glass of water and half a glass of rice (for one kilogram chopped vegetables) that you soaked them later in the pot until the rice and vegetables completely bake.
  3. Chop garlic and fry it with turmeric and oil.
  4. After they baked add them to the pot.
  5. Solved some rice flour (wheat) in your favorite pickle and little by little add them to the stew. This work made your stew glazed.
  6. Add the eggs and eat.

Egg Properties:

The egg is a cheap and abundant source of valuable nutrients that maybe we feel their shortage in our body. Especially it contains fat and protein. The egg is one of the allergic foodstuffs, but the property of egg is because of baking it.

Giving heat to the egg is the cause of transforming it into a substance that is lead to allergies in person. So if your body show allergy from the egg, use it in the raw form.

The only thing makes the people worry about eating the raw egg is the Salmonella Bacteria.