Torshi Bandari (Mixed vegetables pickle)

Torshi Bandari (Mixed vegetables pickle)


Indian stamp: 1package.

Shallot: 50 grams.

Carrot: 3 numbers.

Cucumber: 3 numbers.

Eggplant: 3 numbers.

Pomegranate paste: 1 modulus.

Garlic:1 bush.

Cauliflower: 1 Kilogram.

Green pepper: 50 grams.

Celery: 3 Branches.

Jerusalem artichoke: Half a kilogram.

Special spices for pickling: 2 Tablespoons.

Tomato: 5 numbers.

Thick tomato juice: 1 modulus.

Finely chopped vegetables (Mint, Coriander, Satureja, Tarragon): 1 modulus.


How to prepare Bandari pickle?

  1. Boiling the mixture of Green peppers, salt, and vinegar until they come to be soft.
  2. Put tamarind in a dish and pour some vinegar on them and rile completely.
  3. Straightened them with fine tiny drain and remove the core of them.
  4. Chop tomatoes in the little form.
  5. Peel carrots, potatoes, and garlic and chop them in the little form either.
  6. Remove the leaves of the celery and chop them in the size of carrots.
  7. Chop cucumbers with the skin and put them in the drain. Pour a little salt on them. 3 hours wait until the excess water of them away.
  8. Soak Shallots for 5 hours in the water and change the water of them several times.
  9. Take away roots and waste parts of Shallots. Now chop them.
  10. Take apart Cauliflower either and chop them in the tiny mood.
  11. Chop aromatic vegetables
  12. Mix chopped vegetables with the whole above materials.
  13. Chop eggplants with or without skin in the cubic model.
  14. Boil eggplants with a little vinegar until they are come to be soft.
  15. Add the eggplants in the hot model to the other materials and mix them finely.
  16. Add special spices for pickles, pomegranate paste and thick tomato juice.
  17. Add dissolved tamarind in vinegar to the mix.
  18. Pour special ready mix into the special container of pickles and add the vinegar to them until the vinegar cover it completely.

Pour desired amount of salt into pickle and put container of pickle in the cool place.



  • Use more salt until your pickle doesn’t come to be salty, will help the quality and duration of maintenance of pickles. It is better to use the sour paste of pomegranate.
  • Thick tomato water is obtained from the smooth the tomato juice with drain.
  • You can use the mix of 3 tablespoons of tomato paste with the hot water instead of using thick tomato water.