Torshi Bivar (Hamedani pepper pickle)

Torshi Bivar (Hamedani pepper pickle)


Bivar pepper: 500 grams.

Vinegar: 750 milliliters.

Salt: 2 tablespoons.

Bivar or Hamedani pepper is a kind of pepper that is consuming in Hamedan city and has the mildly spicy taste. You can consume this kind of pepper in raw, baked or …shapes. In Hamedan, Bivar uses mostly for the pickle.

How to prepare Bivar pickle?

  1. Wash the peppers completely and put them in the drain.
  2. Make the hole on them with the needle until the vinegar permeates inside them and they also come to be tasty.
  3. Put all of them in the big pot and pour the water on them and wait until the water covers them completely.
  4. Add two tablespoons of salt to the pot and let the peppers stay in this model for several hours (you can also wait for one night). This work helps the peppers to lose their bitter taste and give the better taste to the pickle.
  5. Drain the peppers.
  6. Make one big pot full of water, put it on heat and let it boiling. Put peppers in the boiling water and let them boil for 30 seconds until they are come to be little soft. If you are boiling the peppers more they will crush and your pickle doesn’t have the beautiful shape.
  7. Remove the pot from the heat.
  8. Pour the peppers in the big drain until its water is taken. (Taste the water of the pepper a little and if it was salty base on your taste you can wash them more) when the water of peppers remove put them in the metal lace, expand a big cloth or towel and put the peppers on them and let the peppers to be dry completely for 2-3 hours.
  9. Prepare the big glass container. Put the peppers inside it and pour the vinegar on them until the vinegar cover the peppers. Close the glass container firmly and place it in the cool place until your pickle is preparing.


The pickle is come to be complete between 7-10 days then you can use this delicious pickle near your food and enjoy it.



  • Use the big drain and don’t let the peppers located on each other and water of them go out completely and soon. If you don’t have the big drain you can use your hands and move the peppers every half an hour.
  • Pay attention that when you want to fill the glass container it must be dry. If the glass container be dirty or wet it makes your pickle with mildew.
  • Like as all of the pickles the amount of salt that you will use is base on your taste. You can don’t use any salt in your pickle or base on your taste add 1-2 tablespoons of salt to it. But the peppers themselves have good taste and be sure that without using any salt you will have the good pickle.