Torshi Hafteh Bijar (Hafteh Bijar pickle)

Torshi Hafteh Bijar (Hafteh Bijar pickle)

Ingredients of Hafteh Bijar pickle

Eggplants: 2 Kilograms.

Slender spicy pepper: 2-3 numbers.

Pickling spice:1 tablespoon.

Bell peppers (Green, Red, Yellow, Orange ): half a kilogram.

Dried mint:1 tablespoon.

Garlic:1 bush.

Unripe tomatoes: 300 grams (4-5 numbers).

Verjuice or vinegar:1 kilogram.

Salt:1 tablespoon.

Aromatic vegetables (crushed type): 250 grams (about one glass).



Aromatic vegetables contain Mint, Dill, Satureja, Tarragon, Basil, Coriander, Parsley.

How to prepare Hafteh Bijar pickle?

  1. Chop or grate the raw eggplant. Push the eggplants and juicing them.
  2. Chop tomatoes that it is better to be unripe or half-unripe. It should be noted that unripe tomatoes are green and half-unripe tomatoes are in orange colour.
  3. Chop the aromatic vegetables in very small shape. Whatever the vegetables be smaller colour and taste of it is coming to be better. It is not important if you don’t use all kinds of vegetables together. You can use dry kinds of vegetables either.
  4. Grain the garlic and chop hot peppers. Chop colour belly peppers in the very small shape.
  5. Mix dried Mint, Salt, Spice, and Vinegar with each other.
  6. Put the grated eggplants, chop tomatoes and Aromatic vegetables, garlic’s, belly peppers and hot peppers in the special container of the pickle and pour the mixture of salt, vinegar, spice and mint on them.

Some points about preparing the pickle:

  1. The taste of this pickle is more pleasant with verjuice, but if having fresh verjuice is not possible you can use natural vinegar instead. The amount of vinegar that you will use must be lower than verjuice because vinegar is sourer. This kind of pickle must not be too much watery.
  2. You can change the amount of salt or verjuice base on your taste.
  3. You can consume this pickle immediately when you are preparing it and it is not needing to pass time.( instantaneous pickle)
  4. Verjuice is very sensitive to oxygen of the air. It will happen the chemical change in the pickle and it makes the change in the taste of the pickle(bitter or tasteless, or having mildew) if you don’t close the door of the container completely but the resistance of the vinegar in compared with the environment conditions is more and keeping it is easier.