Torshi Labou (Beets pickle)

Torshi Labou (Beets pickle)


Beets: 1 kilogram.

White vinegar: necessary amount.

Salt: necessary amount.

Water: 2 glasses.

How to prepare Beets pickle?

  1. Wash Beets very well and put them in the pot.
  2. Pour the water on the Beets in the mood that the water covered them.
  3. Put the pot over the medium heat and bake them for 30-45 minutes. (Prepare them in the way that the fork go inside the Beets very easy.)

The time of baking Beets is vary based on the kind and shape of the Beets cuts.

  1. Drain the Beets and keeping the water off them. (Let the Beets to come to be little cool.)
  2. Peel your Beets and cut them in different sizes with different shapes.
  3. Put the cut Beets in the desirable glass container of the pickle.
  4. Pour two glasses of Beets water, vinegar and a little salt in the small pot.
  5. Put the pot over the heat and wait until it is starting to boil.
  6. When the liquid is starting to boil pour it in the special glass container of the pickle on the Beets. Put the door of the glass container of the pickle firmly and keep it in the cold place.


don’t pour the additional water of Beets away and keep it in the special container. You can use this water to colouring different foods and deserts.