Torshi Shalqam (Turnip pickle)

Torshi Shalqam (Turnip pickle)


Turnip: 1 kilogram.

Small Beet: 1 number.

Sliced garlic: 3 number of berries.

White vinegar: 1 cup.

Water: 3 cups.

Salt: 2 tablespoons.

Laurel: 1 number.


How to prepare Turnip pickle?

  1. Pour water, Salt, and Laurel in the pot.
  2. Put them (water, Salt, and Laurel ) over the medium heat and wait until it is boiling. Rile the mixture completely and wait the salt come to be solved.
  3. Picking up the pot from the heat and let it be cool.
  4. Add the vinegar.
  5. Peel Beets and Turnips and slice them.
  6. Prepare one clean and big glass container and put garlic, beets, and turnips inside it.
  7. Pour the combination of the water, salt, and laurel on garlic and beets. (it must cover the beets and turnips.)
  8. Close the door of the glass firmly.
  9. Keep it for one week in the room temperature in the cool place until the pickle is complete.
  10. The red colour of beets gives the red beautiful colour to the pickle and turnips.


You can keep this kind of pickle for several weeks in the refrigerator but turnips are coming to be soft little by little and they lose their primary fragility.

It is better to consume this pickle maximum in 6 weeks.