Traditional simple Abgusht (Meat Broth)

Traditional simple Abgusht (Meat Broth)


Meat plus bone and fat: half a Kilogram

Small Potatoes: 3 numbers

Tomato paste: base on your taste

Salt and Turmeric: necessary amount

Pea and Bean: 100 grams

Onion: 2 numbers


(Serve for 3-4 people)




How to prepare traditional simple Abgusht?

  1. Wash the Meat plus bones and Fat.
  2. Put them (Meat Plus bones and Fat ) in the pot and pour cold water on them.
  3. Add Pea, Bean and 2 halved of onions to the pot.
  4. Put all the materials on the low heat and let them burn together.

It takes about thirty minutes to prepare the food.

  1. Peel the potatoes and add them to the meat with Tomato paste, Salt, and Turmeric.
  2. Put the door of the pot and let the potatoes to burn with the meat.
  3. Put pieces of fat, some potatoes, and onions in the bowl and mix them together.
  4. Add them to the food and let the food to be prepared.

Your delicious Traditional simple broth is ready. Enjoy it.


Seasoning of Traditional simple Abgusht (Broth) is Lemon juice or dried limes and it is usual to use with Basil or aromatic herbs.