Chogan; Iranian Polo Sport

Chogan; Iranian Polo Sport

Iranian ancient sport of polo that has become a global sport today is the field because of the spread between the king and the famous kings is great to play. Polo’s name was derived from the name of the wood which is used in this game. The game also display initially as a military and war and war horses and to show their talent of Equestrian Society of Iran in the basket.

Today’s polo games are originated from Iran and more than 77 countries, and special programs polo matches are held. Polo sports including that of the year 1900 (AD) by the year 1939 (AD) as a sport World Championship Olympic Games and the International Olympic Committee is now known as one of the sports world and has long in Iran itself dating back centuries and has been playing the sport in his native Iran, but not much public interest.

History of Chogan

This game was close to 600 BC in Iran and was playing at the time of the Achaemenids. When Darius territorial polo in India , the land was introduced and also during the Sassanid period was part of game culture.

Rudaki is the first poet of  Islam polo talks and Ferdowsi also mentions a lot of  it,

also Ferdowsi story polo Siavash and Afrasiab. Saadi , Hafiz , Nasir and Maulana pointed out to bat.

After the Mongol invasion of Iran and Iranian culture and art acquainted when they learned polo also have spread across its vast empire. It can be said that the East Asian countries to polo trend that’s why. The period referred to Iran as the most serious point of departure gates.

Polo flourished in the Safavid period.

Historical documents show that the capital of Iran had been playing polo when Abbas was open gates and even before the Isfahan to come in Qazvin.

Also Jahan Square in Isfahan was built for polo.At the time of the Safavids and their colonial times in India , Europeans were familiar with the game and the polo club, Calcutta Senior officers also learned English and took with him to England.

In the year 1860 (AD) is the most common bat in the UKand after that  the other country playing was in South America . It is extremely popular as polo is played in South America more than anywhere in the world and this game has many fans.

Since the Safavid this sport in Iran slowly fading away. During the Pahlavi , in connection with the Europeans, polo was again considered.

Rider and horse polo fighting drill was confirmed.

 When the barrier is a horse, but the horse polo to prevent escapes and puts themselves in a situation that riding, polo calls. Horse that easily adapts to the conditions polo field is also present on the battlefield.

Chogan (Polo) groun Charectristic

The length and width, respectively, 274 and 145 meters polo ground . The gate length is 7 meters.

The duration of the race

A polo match in the sixth period ,which is divided in to 7 minutes. Of course, this standard relating to the country Englandis in Argentina and America, but this time it is divided into eight parts and equivalent to 3 minutes rest between each Ch’ok’e between the two halves of  5 minutes is considered.

Number of  players

Each team will have four players, that the first one is a striker and his work is also to contribute the attack and defense. The second player is aggressive too, but he is defend the task that is more important. The third player whom usually is the best player on the team, has a duty to defensive movements on the counter attack. The fourth playr is also defense and the obligation to take the ball away from the goal.

The player must perform tasks to return to their place as polo is a game with a fast process and  it is possible for players in different parts of the Earth are a team that is related to the other player’s task.

The purpose and rules of the game

Being the ball in the net is the aim of this game. throwing the ball is awarded to team attacked unless the team makes it out to be, When the ball comes out of the gates. In this case the opposing team have a free throw from 84 meters out  as awarded. After each goal, kicking the ball in the center of the Earth and teams change their ground.  If  the two teams are equal, extra time granted to them and the winner is the first team to score. When a player towards the direction that the ball has been thrown at it Mytazd, with his priority if  the ball is on her right. no speed low is not allowed to block his path, in this case unless it is within a reasonable distance that there is no risk.

Errors Chogan(polo)

  1. Equestrian path that is cut along its path putt and with it, he lives at stake
  2. Hitting from the opposite direction (from the left).
  3. Horseback riding or kick in a way that is dangerous for other riders.

Types of penalties Chogan(polo)

  1. If you encounter dangerous or deliberate error near the gate a goal for the opposing team will include.
  2. Hitting a free kick goal from 27 meters in the opposite direction, and being defenders which only allowed to be tapped behind the goal line.
  3. From the same conditions hitting a free kick from 36 yards
  4. No defense to a distance of 27 m point is Qrardashth putt, hitting a free kick from 54 yards.
  5. Like football without legitimate offside hitting a free kick from the middle of the pitch.
  6. In this case no defense to a distance of 27 meters from the spot kick should have been if hitting a free kick from the wrong place.
  7. Corner not like a football:a free-kick 54 yards from goal on the condition that defenders are at a distance of 27 meters from the Provisional kick.

Judgment in Chogan(polo)

This race is played by both the referee and a referee. The referees have to be played in the little bag are on horseback that in case of agreement between the captains of both teams to the referee’s judgment can be granted, but if in case of disagreement between the two, the third arbitrator is to decide the final verdict.

Start playing

At the beginning of the match both teams layout of their own and lined up in midfield and the midfield.

The arbiter throws the ball to a distance of 6.4 meters between them and the game starts with the ball on behalf of one of the teams.

Stop playing

Stop only at the end of a polo match in normal conditions, but if one of the these events are occur the game will be stop:

1.If in the middle of the race one of the horses falling down

  1. Injured in a horse accident or unexpected for one of the horses

Record points

When the ball clearly crosses from the goal line referee to verify its authenticity a score is recorded for a team. The challenge will be occur if the ball does not hit the upper part of the goal scoring .

Chogan(polo) horses

In the sport of polo is usually short horses. In a maximum of two Ch’ok’e is usually of a horse, of course, have between them a break Ch’ok’e be given to horses.

Essential commodities polo horse during the race

  • Four leg bandaged to protect horse in order not to deal blows to the legs polo ball or stick.
  • Choose a leash in order to better control the horse during the race

Horsemen essential commodities

Some of the essential materials of Wicket are as follow:

  • Helmets for polo
  • Gloves
  • Polo whip that its value is approximately 106 cm, due to the ease of use during Msabqhast.
  • Riding boots without laces
  • Knee strap

    Size wood bat and ball

    Wood bats have a length of 129 cm, which is the end of the cylinder shape.

    This bat usually made from Bamboo or persimmon tree that they are light and strong .The diameter ball is about 25/8 cm around well and it is about 141-127 grams, sex balls of wood or bamboo is woven. In some of exercise games of course foam and plastic are used in the ball.

    World record Chogan

    Azerbaijan was able to play only local Karabakh as Azerbaijani wicket record Qarayf  Knd.  abvalfzl represent Azerbaijan at the sidelines of the meeting, said: polo a common Yazzie regional and cultural heritage and all countries, including Iran, the world’s common registered shares can be he shared heritage led to the nation’s unity and friendship and said that Azerbaijan does not want this game to be cause of different countries.