Chopped eggplant:  8 glasses.

Chopped tomato: 4 glasses.

Chopped onion: 1 glass.

Butter: 5 Tablespoons.

Salt: Base on your taste.

Saffron: Base on your taste.

How to prepare Yatimcheh?

  1. Chopped onions and fry them in the butter.
  2. After onions colour change to gold add chopped tomato.
  3. After past time add chopped eggplants to the materials.
  4. Add Salt, Saffron, and water to the materials.
  5. The food will bake on the low heat for about thirty minutes.
  6. Serve food in the blue clay dish and eat the food with bread and enjoy it.

The calorie of Yatimcheh:

Totally this food has 775 Kilocalorie of the energy and when you divide it between four people everyone gets about 200 Kilocalorie. Pay attention that eating this food with bread, adds about 80-kilo calorie to energy of it.

Don’t use any kind of eggplant and tomato in Yatimcheh for children:

Yatimcheh is one of the affordable and delicious foods that make  people feel satisfy. Eating this kind of food in summer and for Iftar is recommended. But it is better that it doesn’t prepare for the children whom especially have 2-3 years old, because of tomato and eggplant both are the cause of making allergy in the body.


For having the better taste for Yatimcheh:

  1. As the main part of this food is eggplant so none of them must has bitter taste because it will makes whole food bitter and no one can enjoy the food. (Before buy eggplants pay attention to their appearance and buy black and shiny ones. The eggplants mustn’t have any green stain. When you cut the eggplants they mustn’t contains many seeds because most probably they will have bitter taste.)
  2. To make more ensure before putting the eggplants in food chew one part of them. If it hasn’t bitter you can put them in your food. The best things that you can eat with this food are shallot yogurt and vegetables. So you will increase the nutritional value of your meal and you will receive different food groups in one meal.
  3. It is better first to put vegetables such as scallion and tomato in the pan. After they come to be warm add butter to them.
  4. As this food has especial flavor and perfume it is better to drink water or lemonade with little sugar with it and enjoy.

Where is Yatimcheh from?

Yatimcheh is one of the foods that it has its own recipe in every city. In Shiraz instead of eggplant they use, Zucchini and Azeri people make it with beans and lentils. In some of the recipe of the Yatimche, the people make it with potatoes. This recipe is for Kashan. In Kashan they use “Dordeh” instead of Butter. “Dordeh”  is one kind of oil that is formed from the lots of melted butter in the bottom of the container and most of its consumer believed that it is more delicious than the butter. It is recommended to eat this food with Sangak bread. In fact, Yatimcheh is a high Fiber food that has many benefits for the people that they want to receive restricted calorie.