Zereshk polow ba Morq (Chicken, Rice and barberries)

Zereshk polow ba Morq (Chicken, Rice and barberries)


Rice: Half a Kilogram.

Chicken: about 750 gram.

Barberry: 50 gram.

Cumin: Half a spoon.

Abraded Saffron : One teaspoon.

Oil: 75 gram.

Butter: 50 gram.

Sugar: One – two tablespoon .


How to prepare Zereshk polow ba Morq

  1. Put the rice on the water.
  2. Wash hen.
  3. Put hen with one to two chopped onions and garlic, two glasses of water, a little salt and make it ready to cook. (It must not cook until come to be mash and after cooking it must have a glass of water).
  4. Pour the water of hen to come out from the strainer.
  5. Dissolve saffron in the little boiling water.
  6. Mix half of the saffron and half of the Oil with the water of hen and let them boil.
  7. Wash the Barberry and put it on the Strainer until the water of it goes out. Put one tablespoon of oil in the pan and let it melt.
  8. Fry the barberry in the oil and pour the sugar in it.
  9. Rile them until be solved. The heat must be low.
  10. Drain the rice.
  11. Put the remaining oil with the half of the glass water and a little saffron on the bottom of the pot and let them to be hot.
  12. Put rice little by little in the pot and pour the cumin in the layers of the rice. Put pieces of hen in the rice.
  13. Put door of the pot on it and place it on the low heat.
  14. After steaming pour water of the hen on the rice and brew the rice.
  15. After rice come to be ready, pick up 2-3 spatulas of it.
  16. Add rice with the remain saffron and half of the barberry.
  17. Add remain Barberry to rice in the pot and put it in the dish.
  18. Add pieces of hen in the rice. Cover hen with saffron rice and barberry.
  19. Melt the butter and pour it on the rice.

Properties of the Barberry:

Barberry Resolves Gout and rheumatism. Resolve Anorexia. Help to have regular Digestive system acts and eliminates indigestion. It is also effective in the treatment of  Hyperbilirubinemia and jaundice. Those who are suffering from swollen spleen can give help from this plant for the treatment.