Anzrut , kohl or vakohl  (scientific name :  Legominoseae/ Astragallus sarcocolla). Anzrut is the tree gum similar to the Murd tree. This tree has lots of thorns and has 2-meter height. The obtain gum from this tree is red white and yellow and it has the bittersweet taste.


This gum is made from small, soft and interconnected seeds. The best of them are the white or cream-white type one. This tree is growing in Asia. In Iran, it has to be seen in tropical areas such as Bandar Abbas in Iran, Ahvaz Borazjan.


Spider keen interest to this gum, so that Anzrut is always mixed with its webs.

Anzrut  nature is hot and dry.

Part of use: gum plant

Healing properties and consumption methods:

Clearing mucus, relieve bloating.

physic: put one gram of Anzrut on your tongue and after that drinking water.

If you have pus inside your ears abrasion Anzrut and make cotton wick, plunge it in bitter almond oil till your cotton come to be oily. Then get out the cotton from the oil and after that rubbed it on the compiled Anzrut and impregnated the cotton. Put the cotton inside your ear. Do this for 2,3 days and treat your ear.