Asparagus is a flowering plant that is most native in Europe , North Africa, and west Asia.

Asparagus is a Herbaceous gramineous perennial and two bases of  its row are from Asparagaceae family (Asparagaceae) and Genus Asparagus (Asparagus).


The very small flowers of it are on the basis of male and female parts. Asparagus flowers are contain 6 sepals, 6 petals , 6 stamens and 1 three  carpels of the pistil.

Male flowers are Greenish yellow, they are completely come to be recognizable from the usually red female flowers.

Asparagus harvest is usually in the third year, it means that it is begin two years after transferred the crown to the main part.

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Place of planting that in Iran are Khoi, Tabriz, different areas of Alborz, Ghajar palace, Julfa, Isfahan, Arak, Kermanshah, western of Iran, and Maharloo in Shiraz and fostering of that has become prevalent in Dezful.

It is also grown in the Rose village from the city functions of  Mahneshan province in the form of  armored personnel carrier.

This plant is used as a green vegetable in raw or cooked forms.


Asparagus contains a lot of vitamin K and folate (vitamin B-9).  Folate in Asparagus makes reduce congenital anomalies during the pregnancy.

Eating asparagus can also help to boost sex drive.


In 2007, Peru was the world’s largest exporter of asparagus, and in the next two ranks, there were  China and Mexico respectively.

The largest importers of asparagus in the world in 2004, were United States of America (92. 405 tons) , Europe Union (18. 565) and Japan (17. 148), respectively.