Avishan (Thyme)

Avishan (Thyme)

Thyme with the scientific name of Thymus is one of the 14 spices of perennials herbs in Iran. The genus of it is from Lamiaceae family.

Thyme has 350 kinds and this genus is very close to the Auryganum.



This plant is in the same family with Oregano. In Azerbaijan said “Kahlik Oti” or “Kaklik Oti”with the meaning of  Grass Quebec to this herb because in Turkish “Kaklik” or “Kahlik” means “Kabk”. In the language of the people of  Roudbar in Gilan say “Palang masht” to this herb and this herb is one of the flavors of the special food in Roudbar. One of the kinds of Thyme that is found in abundance in the mountainous part of  North of  Khorasan in Kurdish Kurmanji has the name of “Anekh”.

Different spices of Thyme are growing in Different parts of Iran. In traditional Persian medicine has the name of  “Hasha” ,  “Thyme” and “thyme al-Humairi”. I9n different parts of Iran you can find different kinds of this herb with different local names. For example in Hamedan they say “Azorbeh” in around Tehran “ Avishan or Avisham”, in Taleqan “Zarveh” in Azerbaijan and lands with Turkish language of the country “Kaklik oti ” and in the other parts it call “Satar”, “Zatar”, “Oushen”, “Ashmeh Koohy”, “Si Sanbar”, “Sou sanbar”.

In foundations  of  the mountain of the fereidun and also Eqlid city it grows with the name of “Zataria multiflora”. It is significantly growing in the Mountainous parts of Azerbaijan especially in the Solduz land and they say it “Kahilak Otou”. Somebody because of the name similarity confuses it with Kakuty but it is very different with Kakuty. It is growing in the Chahar Mahal and Bakhtiari and Sistan and Baluchistan mountains parts, Kurdistan and Lowland plains of  Boushahre either.



In the research about the effects of the plants of Artemisia, lavender and Shirazi thyme on Klebsiella pneumonia , aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus، Pseudomonas  Bacteria that did on 2014 it was showed that every three essence has inhibitors on Pathogenic Bacteria but the best one is Thyme essence.

Herbal Tea

Thyme herbal tea is basically, disinfectants and mucus so because of that it is effective in the treatment of a dry cough, cold, Pertussis and upper respiratory tract inflammation; as well as it has a tremendous impact on digestion, regulate sleep and strengthens the nervous system and it is also Antidepressants, anti-seizure and anti-flatulence . Also, it is effective on treatment of twisting of the intestines and diarrhea and muscle spasms. Thyme has medicinal use in Iran and Europe traditional medicine. Thyme is used in Food industry (Pizza, pasta, fish, cheese, liqueur, tortilla and … ) Pharmaceutical, Health & Beauty.