Tabriz Grand Bazaar

Tabriz Grand Bazaar

Tabriz Grand Bazaar is one of the most important and largest roofed markets of whole Iran and world that is located in the Tabriz city of Iran.

This market has about the area of one square kilometer and that is one of the biggest covered markets in the whole world.

This market contains variety Market, Corridor, Timche, Serra, and Caravanserai. Mostly because Tabriz city located in the place of The Silk Road Crossroads and every day about thousands of Caravans from different Asian, African and European countries passing this way so this city and its markets have very well boomed.

Tabriz Grand Bazaar rebuilding by time ruler of Tabriz about 3 century ago and after historical Earth quack occurrence in the year 1193.

This market is registered in National Iranian Book List in the date of 1975. It is not clear when this beautiful historical place was built but some of the old tourists that they visited this place until the Qajar period gave good and useful information about this market.


Some of the tourists such as follow admired this old beautiful market:

  • Ibn Battuta
  • Marco Polo
  • Jackson
  • Oliya Chalabi
  • Yaquot Hamavi
  • Gaspar Derville
  • Alexis Soketov
  • Jean Sharden
  • Ouzhen Felanden
  • John Cartwright
  • Jamli Cardi
  • Clavikho
  • Robert Grant Watson
  • Hamdollah Mostofi
  • Moghadasi

Tabriz Grand Bazaar known with containing about 5500 shops, about 40 different kinds of jobs, 35 series of shops, 25 small shops, 30 mosques, 20 parts of sides of the market, 11 corridors, 5 bathrooms and 12 schools is one of the main central parts of trading in Tabriz city and whole Iran.


Trades in Tabriz Grand Bazaar

English Traders carried their materials to the Silk Road many years ago and there was the place of trading for them.

Tabriz was the main place of business for the European countries many years ago by the North ways. This city had about 25-33 percent of trading of Whole Iran on its hands in the year of 1877. In the year of 1906 Tabriz was the main place of trading of Iran with the middle Asia.

European people enter many materials such as Mirror, All kinds of silk fabrics, Velvet and cotton, sugar, glass, metal and mechanical products to Tabriz market.

This market sold many things to European people either but always these trading have lots of benefits for them.