Borage and its properties

Borage and its properties

Borage plant and savory properties that many families use it, in different ways can be Borage desire, but tail off it is customary .

One of the wonders of the Alborz mountain range that Mount Damavand is massive, that is growing several kinds of medicinal plants which have many therapeutic effects exclusively on the slopes of the mountain and they are not in the mountains of the effect of the action.

The Iranian press has already spoken of one of these plants and magical effects and wrote it stated that foreign experts have seed to other countries, but it will take hard work have failed because the plant is an only original birthplace of green .

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However, they say in the ancient books of borage “language Thawri” but in fact, it has no another kind of name.

In none part of the world except Iran Alborz mountain you cannot find this plant and other countries are going wrong and borage it is known only in Iran and there is no relation between them.

About a century it would be wrong for doctors and pharmacists and they were in misled and wiped Borage .

They confused plants with each other, their only goal is a little bit similar, they do not have any common properties and the medical interests are conflicting with each other and the size of the flowers are different .

Borage in Iran and Europe and America have a great reputation.

Traditional doctors used from Borage for a treatment of many diseases .

The new doctors knew properties of Borage that were prescribed for another batch of diseases .

Why Iranians use only borage ? medical benefits are only goals.

Borage is blue and the flowers are like pomegranate and egg circular (ring – shaped) and glazed in the Alborz mountains.

Another plant in Isfahan and some other countries, know as “Mrmakhvz” that has blue small and round flower.

Unfortunately none of the properties of Borage are not original, but instead had other interests that European researchers are beginning to realize it. As it turned out, twigs, flowers, and leaves of this plant have been some dander, urine, and sweat too much.


Let’s check out these two plants and introduce and explain their interests separately :


Original Borage

Borage plant is automotive, comes to action exclusively on the slopes of the Alborz Mountains. It is not cultivated yet and it is not tame.

Borage is nourishing of the spirit and exclusive members of the body. Strengthens the human’s five senses , or rather, eighteen senses.

This plant make stomach soft and it is open Gallbladder, make Soda mucus from the stomach burned off and ity has eliminated the effects.

Other properties of Borage is for delirium ,pleurisy, melancholy and madness drink boiled Borage along with other drugs.

Boiled borage is exhilarating, and it is open the face paint.

Another feature of Borage is that make the chest soft, and shortness of a breath and cure the sore throat.

One of the properties of borage is that it is helpful, apprehension and fear destroys and sorrow, and it is for those with low self-talk.

For shortness of breath, boiled borage honey is prescribed.


Borage properties

   The other properties of Borage are such as: chewing the fresh loaf of Borage leave is good for treatment of purulent boil inside the children mouth, Thrush and

   Loose teeth rot, treating the heat of mouth it is beneficial. It has2 to5ounces food part.

   Borage sweat is useful for sodium diseases, obsessive and suffocating.

   Borage is prevented from Cancer and it has magnesium.

   New research suggests that aqueous extracts of borage are the safe and effective drug for the treatment of patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder.

   New research suggests that aqueous extracts of borage are the safe and effective drug for the treatment of patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder .

   Borage contains mucilage, flavonoids 15/0% and the aglycones of anthocyanins and cyanidin Dlfynydyn to the 34/13 percent and small amounts of pyrrolizidine alkaloids have been right.

   Fine flowers have the white tail and purple petals. Fresh leaves contain lots of Vitamin C.

   Therefore this plant doesn’t have dandruff and it does not make lots of sweat or urine.



This plant doesn’t have Persian name and it is not clear from when we have it in Iran and planted in Tabriz. Ibn Bitar the famous old herbalist that he was Andalusian and later he come to minor Asia said Marmakhuzto this plant.

  • Flower ,twigs, and leaves of Borage has dandruff , it has the glazing materials and a bitter substance that therefore increase sweat and urine of the body.
  • This plant crushed and destroyed stone in the kidney and bladder.
  • Borage contains Omega-6 fatty acids such as linolenic acid, which is useful for arthritis.
  • A poultice of fresh and mashed leaves of Borage opens wen and it is useful for the treatment of the burn, fire, sunstroke.
  • In Iran traditional medicine it was useful for the treatment of dropsy and the patent must eat about15-20 grams of this plant when they have fast.

Therefore this plant is not good for the people with Meningitis and

Pleurisy diseases .


Harms of Borage plant:

Because Borage has Alkaloid it is not good for children and pregnant women.