Citrus Aurantium

Citrus Aurantium

Orange flower, orange blossom tree in the perfume and the essential oils, a variety of seasonal drinks and waters and jams, never, filing and has many applications.
Babel and Shiraz In May month, with Rayjh magical citrus, heady passer is any way that this Shiraz and sour orange city called Babylon.

Bahar Narenj

Regulations Citrus Aurantium

Sweat band traditional ceremonies Citrus Aurantium, including traditional rituals and Mazandaranis is long. With the arrival of May each year, the National Festival of Citrus Aurantium for symbolic city Babylon be held.
The ceremony was recorded at the Supreme Council of the Cultural Heritage and Tourism, as the National Festival of Citrus, reached the National Register and the secretariat of the festival has been held in Sari and Babol. Each year, several hundred paper sent festivals and examined.


Properties of Citrus Aurantium

Citrus relax and calm nervous system, nervous headaches and migraine to reduce irregular heartbeat and destroy anxiety.
Mortaza Safavi nutritionist says Citrus Aurantium nature is warm and nourishing body and soul.
Orange skin is anti- constipation and it is the best medicine for people who have reflex.
Citrus jam is stomach tonic and anti- seizure .
Citrus aurantium is strong appetizer and it is helpful to address weaknesses and uplifting and also it is effective in relieving discomfort in the chest and heart palpitations and it can use for irregular heartbeat.
Citrus Aurantium is used to flavor syrups, strengthens the nerves and insomnia cure people can sleep earlier, they can consumption some Citrus Aurantium with tea. To make tea Citrus aurantium, is sufficient, 10 grams of Citrus aurantium flowers in two cups of boiling water to boil for 20 minutes. And then smooth it with a tablespoon of honey drink.
By drinking this tea, and slowly you will sleep.

Citrus Aurantium instead of Diazepam

According to the results of a study about Citrus Aurantium , it can be used as a premedication to reduce patients’ anxiety before surgery.
In this study, 60 patients aged 14 to 48 admitted to hospital for surgery and randomly divided into two groups of 30 each.
2 hours before the operation one group used 100 cc Citrus Aurantium and the other group used a tablet 5 mg of diazepam in 100 ml of water orally.
The patients’ anxiety by Spielberger and vital signs were recorded before and 2 hours after the first dose.
The findings of this study:
Groups in terms of demographic characteristics, pulse rate and anxiety before surgery were similar.
The anxiety of taking the drug situation in both groups decreased consumer of Citrus Aurantium and diazepam.
A comparison of the two groups showed no significant difference.
Changes in pulse rate and blood pressure in both groups before and after treatment showed no significant difference.