Daqdeaqak (Colutea)

Daqdeaqak (Colutea)

Colutea is from the Fabaceae or Papilionaceae generous and also it is in the row of Fabales.

Colutea generous contains about 25 species of the deciduous shrubs with 2-5 meters heights that they are local of the south of  Europe, north of African and west-south of Asia.

This plant grows in the high steppe areas and in different parts of Iran. The flowers of that are yellow and it has big fruit and has empty inside that because of that it calls “Colutea”.

Colutea is the Shrub with the height until 6 meters that after appearing its swollen fruits, it is finding certain beauty. The leaves of that are composed of 7-13 petioles. The flowers of that are big, beautiful and in the yellow colour. Swollen fruit of  Colutea has the thin sidewall with a length of 5-7 centimeter and width of 3-4 centimeters and it contains seeds with brown colour, it is flat and transparent. Inside the thin skin of the fruit collecting mixture of  Carbon dioxide, Oxygen, and Nitrogen.

Daqdaqak is consuming as the decorative plant, cover of green space and to control soil erosion.

Conditions of growth environment

Colutea grows very well in the places that they are sunny, in any kind of soil except the one that they contain lots of water. The temperature that this kind of plant can grow in that is at least -15 ° C.

This plant grows in the poor soil either. Although watering is the reason of better growing of plants but this plant can also tolerate drought conditions.

Medicinal properties and industrial applications of Colutea:

Usable sections of this plant, are scabbard and leaves. Medicinal properties of Colutea are Laxative and Bile –inducing. The way of consuming it is to pouring 20-30 grams of this plant in one liter of water then brewed it. Consume it after each meal.

From the most important existence compounds in this medicinal plant, we can point to Kulutyyk acid.


The proliferation of this plant is from softwood cuttings in summer or sowing seed in autumn.