Dill with the scientific name of Anethum graveolens dhi is an Annual or biennial plant that sometimes  its height reached up to one meter. The root of this plant is right and cone-shaped and white. This plant is native to southwest Asia and Central Asia and today you can find it in many parts of the world from the Southern parts of Europe to Iran, Egypt, America, and China.

The fruit of this plant is Oval shape, flat and it has 4 mm length and 3 mm width. It has light Brown color  and on its surface reliefs, yellow color  and at its edges edge of the wing is bright yellow.



Originally Dill was from Iran, Egypt, and India and it goes from these countries to the other countries and continents. In most of the countries around the Mediterranean, it is common to Cultivate this plant. In some areas the wind is to disperse seeds and make them self – propelled. So this is usually normal to see  them near Meadows and edges of the rocks and sidewalks and Bungalow.

In Europe Dill, the seed is come to be full-fledged in Autumn and little birds know it’s poisonous so that they are not close to them.  Of course, this fear of them is because of  the smell of seed that they don’t like it because Dill seeds are not toxic. Dill has flowered in all the summer, but its flower has a little sap and stamen.

On papyrus leaves that were written in Egypt wrote that ancient Egyptians often  eat Dill as vegetables with their meal. Bible said that Israelites knows Dill as useful vegetables and use it as same as Cumin. Ancient Greeks know Dill as a vegetable with amazing medicinal properties. Pythagoras and Socrates believed that take a few leaves left hand to protect humans from disease and epilepsy attack.

In Ancient Rome Dill was the sign of vitality happiness and joy so Gladiators were searching for oil of  Dill so that they can become powerful by it! The medical school of followers “Salrn”believe that Dill is carminative and make the fat people thin. One the other scientific believe that if someone hiccups the people must first pour some Dill seeds on fire and burn and then tell the people with hiccups to breath the smoke. Thus the problem will be solved.


Chemical Compounds

Dill seed has 3 percent oil.

Traditional applications

Dill seed has many effects on health such as anticonvulsants, anti-pain, flatulence, a diuretic, and to strengthen the stomach.

For those who do not have food cravings and they are thin Dill seed is the best medicine because it makes appetite and empowers stomach and give lots of energy to body. It can be used for  the stomach illness, insomnia, and stomach gas. Iran herbal medicine has given many properties to Dill. In the case of severe pain and swelling of the stomach use the tail of it that is sedative. Dill use for the animal stomach aches either. Old Dairy farmers know it well. In China use Dill for the back ache. Leaves and stems become useful for lowering blood cholesterol.