Sagebrush with the scientific name of Artemisia is kind of plant contains 200-400 species and it is from the (Asteraceae) family that they contain clustered heaps. The flowers of this plant usually have the bitter taste.

What are the medicinal properties of mountain Dormeneh plant?

Mountain Dormaneh plant has many medicinal properties and it is very useful for the stomach sicknesses. This plant has different kinds with several names. Most of them have bitter and aroma leaves and they have somehow same benefits with each other. This kind of planet in Iran has about 34 species in annual and perennials herbaceous and they are scattered in all over of Iran. The special kinds of them in Iran are A. Melanolepis-A. Kermanensis. From them, A. Sieberi family is the most valuable one from the opinion of animal feed and they are tolerant desert plants of Iran.

The names of this plant


Artemisia sieberi Besser

Syn: Artemesia herb alba, A. Sogdiana Bunge, A. Oliveriana

This plant is used in the medicinal parts.

Sagebrush in the local form is the Anesthetic and Disinfectants medicine that is used for the treatment in inflation models.

Medicinal properties:

In different areas consume this plant for Antihelminthic. In addition, it has the effect of Anti flatulence, relieve a cough, and headache, anti-worm, disinfectants and insecticide. The essence of it has the slight Anti-worm effect.