Fenugreek (Scientific name: Trigonella foenum-graecum) is a plant of  Fabaceae family and therefore it has the ability to symbiotic with nitrogen fixation  bacteria and it can generate lots of its used nitrogen. It is the herbaceous plant with the height of  10 to 50 cm and bright single flowers , yellow and brown fruits.

This is the native plant of Iran and grows in the  most parts of  Iran, such as Azerbaijan, Isfahan, Fars, Khorasan, Semnan, and Damghan and it is planted and consumed as edible vegetables . Fenugreek grows along roads either so in the past it was called the aisles of flowers.

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Medicinal properties

Fenugreek has properties of reinforcing effect, laxative, appetizer, expectorant and antipyretic, stimulating of  milk flow and lowering blood sugar. The plant also contains large amounts of iron, phosphorus, and vitamin D. Fenugreek is a kind of bitter digestive drug  and it can be consumed on diabetes and locally for inflammation of the skin. A decoction of the seeds of this plant is used for making skin soft as well as relieve skin irritation  for this purpose boiled off  it can be used as a dump.  Because Fenugreek seeds having some elements such as iron so they are very effective in the treatment of general weakness of body. A decoction of the seeds of  this plant used in rinse shape  and it is very useful and effective, in the elimination of tonsillitis, also decoction of the Fenugreek is good to increase the amount of milk during lactation. Milled of this spice can be brought to the dough and use on the boils and pustules of the skin.


Fenugreek seeds are the most important medicinal part of this plant, by opening channels of blood vessels, it is prevented the occurrence of  myocardial infarction. This herb is rich in iron.  Doctors recommend  using this plant for the people  whom they are suffering from anemia, iron deficiency and lack of hemoglobin.


Fenugreek is also grown in India, Italy, and Spain.

After washing Fenugreek dried and chop it and 3 times a day desire mixed with the spoonful of  it with yogurt , it is very effective for lowering blood sugar. It is also known as synthetic estrogen.


Food application

Fenugreek as one of the Iranian herbs use in the dishes such as vegetable fricassee and is croquette.