Gazaneh (Nettle)

Gazaneh (Nettle)

Nettle with the scientific name of Urtica that is from the dark family of Nettle. Nettle is herbaceous and perennial with ramified legs. The stem of  Nettle is straight and has the square shape and the leaves of this herb are covered with stinging hairs .


Geographical distribution

You can see Nettle in the countryside around Tehran, Shemiranat,  and in Karaj in Alborz slopes, Kandovan, Bell bridge, in the northern regions in Mazandaran and Gilan in Herzevil and Noudi forest , Marlv, Kaboutarchak to Zardchian way, Roodbar, Astara, Gaz Port, and in Azerbaijan in the foothills of Sahand , Zanqab, Deylaman and Arasbaran , Lorestan and in the Kazroun of Sar Mashhad in Fars province of Iran.

Medicinal Properties

  • Treatment of urinary tract (prostate),
  • The treatment of respiratory tract
  • Katarh stomach
  • Anti-blood sugar
  • Enhancing red blood cells

Regardless of the aspects of the food that is eaten cooked like spinach and is rich in minerals materials the plant contains a substance called secretin that is the best factor for stimulate and enable glands digestive in the stomach, Intestines, liver, pancreas and gallbladder, another important property of it is to help build red blood cells, resulting in proper breathing body cells.


This herb is Anti-diarrhea, especially in dangerous diarrhea that has occurred when Cholera found outbreak. It is Calming nose bleeding and upsetting sputum. This herb is restorative and it is help nursing mother to provide high milk for their children. It is regulated women’s menstrual periods and or it has such an impact that if menstruation is cut unnatural it will again establish it. Nettle is the blood purifier and anti-worm. External use of it has been successful in cases of rheumatism. Rinse mouth with pharmaceutical preparations of this plant is a necessary component to disinfect the mouth, elimination swelling and periodontal surgery, treatment of angina, Nettle lotions and compresses of Nettle in beauty care like clean the skin, eliminate acne, Eczema and prevent from hair loss of the head.

According to extensive studies and available scientific resources, it is proven Nettle plant has anti-inflammatory properties.

The compounds of  Caffeic acid and phenolic in the secreted Nettle leaves is able to inhibit the synthesis of arachidonic acid and its metabolites.  The Folic acid also inhibits synthesis of  B4 Leukotriene. Today, anti-allergic properties of  nettle have been proven. So that the plant has an inhibitory effect on Cyclooxygenase  and Lypvaksyzhnazv enzymes. These two enzymes have the responsibility of the conversion of arachidonic acid to prostaglandins and leukotrienes. Use of this plant is very effective in allergic rhinitis. On the other hand experts in microbiology research shows that wild plants such as Nettle have lots of energy because they grow in difficult conditions. Vibrations within the body cells of the healthy person are 70 MHz. These vibrations are reduced  to 40 MHz in the cells of a cancerous tissue. When the vibration falls below 40 MHz gradually the cells are coming to die. Baked chicken meat and burgers have the vibration cells of  3 to 5 MHz, while fresh vegetables and wheat germ of lettuce leaves have 70 MHz vibrations.

Wild plants such as nettle grow in harsh conditions so they have lots of energy.


Used parts

Leaves, Flowering branches, and roots of Nettle are the usable parts of this plant. Newly the peptide rings of sweat stinging nettle are isolated that they have known Acronym name of Gazlyn (A combination of Nettle + insulin) these circles that anti-diabetic effect attributed to them are able to create pores (pore) by overlapping and transfer glucose into cells. The above research was done in universities of Tehran and Toronto.


Use in Chaharshanbe Suri ceremony

It is bake from the fresh new Ashi delicate stripling branches in Mazandaran and South of Sary that they have the special and pleasant taste. This Ash is especially fro the Chaharshanbe Suri Ceremony and on the contrary, it doesn’t have the spicy and bitter taste and it is slightly sweet. Stems and leaves of the Nettle if dealing with the skin of the body cause skin bites and inflammatory skin reactions including swelling, erythema and pruritus. Traditionally, for the treatment of that use from the rubbing of  Palm plant with the scientific name of Sium sisarum. In the Mazandaran often you can see these 2 plants together.