Gulnar is from the tree that it calls pomegranate tree, with the scientific name of Punica granatum.


  • Poultice
  • For the armpits bad smell
  • Heal wounds
  • With vinegar for halitosis
  • Strength and gums (teeth)
  • Effective in dental cream
  • Headache
  • Tragacanth reformer
  • For dysentery
  • For shell of the intestine
  • Non-shedding materials beneficial to the stomach

In the traditional treatment, it is used as:

Astringent in clinical conditions

The treatment of Aphthous stomatitis

The extracts of Gulnar has good effection in the Aphthous stomatitis. It has lots of compounds  of  phenolic antioxidants. The extract of this plant also has Antimicrobial 30 percent  density that the result of this research in 2015 was written in international magazines of  herbal medicinal .