Hel (Cardamom)

Hel (Cardamom)

Cardamom is the small fruit in the size of Knuckle with the dark skin and aroma seeds. This fruit is from ginger family and has different kinds as follow:

  • Cardamom
  • Black cardamom
  • White Cardamom
  • Green Cardamom

The green kind of it has the spicy aroma. Cardamom is one of the seasonings that is used in some kinds of foods, bread, sweets and especially jams.

Most consumers of cardamom in the world are Indians and Pakistanis.

Medicinal properties

Cardamom is from the past traditional medicine of Iran. It is hot and dry. Base on the researchers chewing Cardamom after eating food may help the better digestion of food and also neutralize mouth unpleasant smell. Consuming brewed Cardamom is enlivening, carminative and delicate stomach tonic. Cardamom seed has warmth properties and it is reinforcement stomachs and intestines. Cardamom has the stimulation for the appetite and improves digestion.

Drinking hot brewed shape of this plant is the reason of relief colitis, dyspepsia, flatulence, nausea, lethargy, and it is prevented from the hypersecretion of stomach acid.


One of the special and very important properties of Cardamom is preventing the formation of phlegm in the throat so it can add to dairy and pudding products until it neutral the effect of milk that is the cause of making phlegm in the throat and it is helping to digestion it either.


The seed of Cardamom has the properties of the expectorants medicine and it is clean up them from additional secretion.

As it was told Cardamom has warmth and energetic properties so it helps the improving morale and it is restoring lost power of the body and brain. It reduces anxiety and it is effective in relieve depression either. Cardamom reinforcement the kidneys and it has benefits for the treatment of children enuresis. Pay attention that high consumption of that increasing the palpitations.