Khake shir (Territory)

Khake shir (Territory)

Territory with the scientific name of Descurainia Sophia is the annual or biennial plant of the Anastatica family. This plant is growing in the plains and the mountains. It has the stem with the height of one meter. The low part of the plant is tomentose while the above of it is hairless. The seed of this plant is Territory. They are small, little long and usually contain two colours as follow:

  • Red with a slightly bitter taste
  • Dark red colour

Chemical compounds

The territory has the number of fatty acids such as Lynvyyk acid, Linolenic acid, Oleic acid, Palmitic acid and stearic acid.

Meanwhile, there is volatile essential oil which contains benzyl and isocyanate inside Territory.

Benefits and properties of Territory

Base on the traditional treatment in Iran, Territory is very effective in such illness as follow:

  • Removing blemishes and pimples
  • Disposal of kidney stones
  • Eliminate halitosis
  • Weight Gain
  • anti diarrhea

Base on the doctor’s talks the best treatment for the illnesses is going to the doctor and giving the chemical medicines from them but consuming Territory shows good effects in some of the illnesses.

Territory helps to improve acne

Mix 2 tablespoons of Territory with fumitory sweat and Chicory will make a good compound to remove face Acne. For making this kind of mixture it is enough to mix one glass of Chicory and Fumitory sweat together and mix them both with 2 tablespoons of Territory.

Drinking this compound in addition of remove Acne is good for the people whom they have clogging voice. The time of treatment with this prescription is at least 3 weeks and after treatment, the result of recovery can find in the face of the patient.

Help to control blood pressure

If you have blood pressure and at the moment you use the medicine for control your blood pressure you can use from this way for more effectiveness.

Knock one glass of territory very well and make fine and soft powder. Now pour the powder into the dish and add water little by little to it until obtaining unmixed pasty.  You can rub it on your feet two times a week and sleep with that from night till morning. This salve helps you to control your blood pressure better.  It is better that use this salve in the day for the first time.

Disposal of kidney stones

The treatment knows consume of the mixture of Manna and Territory as a good way of treating kidney stones and they recommended to consume this mixture to the people with this kind of problems.

For preparing the home prescription it is enough to soak about 3 tablespoons of Manna in the water for 5 hours and after passing this time make it smooth. After smoothing add two tablespoons of Territory to Manna and mix them and eat.

Drinking this mixture every day is very helpful for disposal of kidney stones.

If you want to gain weight

The thin persons and whom they inclination to gain weight can use this kind of prescription. Consume the mixture of Territory with one glass of milk every morning before breakfast helps them to gain weight. Base on the treatment saying if these people consume natural and fresh milk the prescription can be more effective.

Anti-halitosis Syrup

Consuming Manna and Territory syrup is very effective in making of mouth out of halitosis. It is enough that every afternoon consume a glass of this mixture. First, soak Manna for 5-6 hours in the water and after smooth, mix it with one-two tablespoons of territory. Consuming this mixture will help you to have the better feeling every day.

Improved Laks with Territory

If you consume the mixture of Manna and Territory for 3 weeks it’s the best way of having the smooth face without any kind of Lak and your face will come to be bright.for preparing this mixture it is enough to soak Manna for five hours and after that mixing it with Territory and drink.

If you give faint hearted consume the mixture of Territory and Honey

Mix one liter of water with one Kilogram of honey together and boil them. After boiling you can see the foam that is come to be apart from the liquid at the bottom of itself. This liquid is the best treatment for the body. Although honey may loose many of its properties by boiling but the other remaining materials are one of the best treatment of the faint hearted.

Improvement diarrhea

One of the best way of improved diarrhea especially for the children that they give it in the hot season of the year a lot, is preparing this kind of home medicine.

Roast Territory and mix it with water and honey and give it to the patient. This combination must give to the patients base on their ages in the shape of once every 2 hours. The amount of consuming this home medicine is from the one tablespoon to the one-third of the cup for the children. But it is necessary to go to the doctor in severe diarrhea for the children under 3 years old.