Khar shotor(Camel’s thorn)

Khar shotor(Camel’s thorn)

Camel’s thorn with the scientific name of Alhagi is a stable plant from Papilionaceae or Fabaceae families. They are of  the Fava beans family(Faboideae) and it is considered as one of the legumes. Another name of it is Manna grass.

The fruit of this plant has no blossom. This plant with shrub is semi-woody and half-bushes that is as high as 50 to 150 cm. The stems of it are green with sharp yellow thorns. This plant is Diuretic , anti-pertussis, fever and chills. Its sepals are without glabrous, Bell-shaped and with five short sharp triangular teeth.  Its seeds are placed side by side within Nyamak. Camel’s thorn from traditional medicine has cool tempers and it is effective for removal of gall, kidney stones and bladder . Alhaji is one of the edible forage for livestock, especially goats. This plant is resistant to cold , it has deep roots and it needs little water. Alhaji for plants such as corn and sugar beet regarded as weeds. Alhaji roots are up to depth of 5 to 7 meters. The fruit of it is called manna which means more honey. It is growing in salt marshes of  Iran, Saudi Arabia, the desert of Sinai, Syria, India and Pakistan to a height of 400 meters above sea level.

Iranian camel thorn

Iranian camel thorn with the scientific name of  Alhagi Maurorum or Alhagi persarum is the sample of dominant Alhaji in Iran.

English and Scientific names:

Alhagi words in European languages derived from the Arabic word of al-Hajji.  Three other names are used for the main spices of Camelthorn (Alhagi Maurorum):

  • Alhagi mannifera Jaub. & Spach
  • Alhagi Gra eco rum Boiss
  • Alhagi tournefortii Heldr

Some of the other names of Camelthorn in English are as follow:

  • Camel thorn
  • Manna Tree
  • Persian Manna Plant