Mikhak (Cloves flower)

Mikhak (Cloves flower)

Cloves flower has the scientific name of Dianthus. This flower at first called with this name by the Greek botanist Theopharastus.

It is the native of Middle East. Some researchers believe that this name comes from the word of coronation or the sun corona because in the past it was used in the coronation ceremony of the Greek kings. Today this flower is known as the signs of love, honor, superiority, and attractiveness. Pale red clove is the acclaimed markers and the bold red cloves are the marker of love and deep feelings.

Medicinal properties:

Cloves mean dried buds of the clove tree that were used from the two thousand years ago as a spice. Cloves from the Iranian ancient medicine are very warm and dry and it contains many properties.

  1. For relieve a toothache and earache rub it on the teeth or dribble the one drop of essential oil of cloves in the ear.
  2. Clove is the brain Booster and it must use by those who have the poor memory in the brewed shape.
  3. Clove prevents from cancer and even it is the treatment of cancer.
  4. It is useful to relieve a headache.
  5. It is effective in the dispel of paralysis and tremor.
  6. It is cure neurasthenia.
  7. It is useful to relieve shortness of breath.
  8. It is the tonic for the alimentary canal and stomach.

  1. It strengthens of the liver and kidneys.
  2. It is Relieve hiccups.
  3. It is good and useful to boost gender force of people with the cold nature. They must pour 2 grams of cloves in the milk and use it for one week.
  4. Clove is an appetizer.
  5. It strengthens the body.
  6. For restoration of the eye cornea and dispel of stains in eyes, you can distil a few drops of the aqueous solution of clove in the eyes.
  7. Clove is Febrifuge.
  8. Clove is fatal of worm and the drugs that they are fatal of the worm to contain clove.
  9. It is useful for blood circulation and heart.
  10. It strengthens of diarrhea and abdominal pain.
  11. For treatment of a backache, drink clove tea or mix 2 drops of essential oil of it in the hot water or the tea.
  12. Drinking 1 cup of clove tea after food destroys gas and stomach pain.
  13. Use clove destroys muscle cramps.
  14. The extract of this plant is the best treatment for mouth aphthous.