Panirak (Mallow)

Panirak (Mallow)

Mallow is one of the crawlers plants and it is constant with the height of 10 to 15 cm. , robust stems branched, fluff and branching. This kind of plant has pink and blue colour and it has flat fruit. Mallow in Iran has ten kinds of annual or perennial herbaceous plants. This plant is effective in the treatment of the cold. It is grown in the most parts of Iran especially in the plains of  Eqlid.


High consumption of Mallow is for the loosened weak stomach. It is not suitable for cold and wet nature.

Botanical Mallow

Mallow with the scientific name of Malva sylvestris is called Khabazi in the Arabic language. This plant is in the groups of gramineous with sixty centimeters height and stable mood.

This self-propelled plant grows in most parts and cultivates for consuming. The consumable parts of Mallow contain their leaves and flowers.

Of course in most regions people consume from the flowers of the mallow.

Mallow is not growing in Iran and one the other kind of plant that is very similar to Mallow with the name of M.neglecta is consuming instead. The available kind of this plant in Iran is not at the height of the original one and it is in the shape of almost sleep and the height of that is maximum 40 centimeters. The leaves of this plant in Iran is serrated and in circular mood and the flowers of that are purple and almost in the small shape.

The consumable parts of  Mallow in Iran, are the purple dry flowers of Mallow. The regions that this plant is growing in Iran are Alborz region, around Tehran, north of Iran, Azerbaijan, Astara, Isfahan, central parts of Iran, Khorasan, Damqan

Semnan, south of Iran, Kerman, Balochistan and some the other parts of Iran.

Some properties of Mallow in the traditional medicine

In traditional medicine knows Mallow in the groups of temperate plants. Mallow makes thick mucus in the watery shape and vice versa. The abrasion of its leaves has benefit for the broken parts of the body. The combination of that with olive oil has benefits for burns and scorpion stung. The brewed of its stem and leaves with sugar is good for voice clogging. This plant is used in the treatment of respiratory inflammation welding of skin. It contains A, B, C vitamins and it is very effective in the treatment of the kidney and bladder disease.  It is an anti-cough and one treatment for the chest either. If the leaves and roots of the Mallow come to be in the shape of the poultice and be on the abscesses or boils they come to be very effective.

The boil form of Mallow is very effective and has benefit for the bladder infections,  bloody diarrhea, severe cough. The brewed form of Mallow is recommended for the people whom they have constipation and sluggish stomach and intestines.

Mallow is used in the treatment of bronchitis and vomiting. It has good benefits in the form of gargle in eliminating oral mucosa irritation and sore throat and also the elimination of burning urethral.

Mallow is using for eliminating Acne in addition to relief pain and discomfort of welding and it is effective in the shape of compresses or lotions for treatment of burns.  In India Mallow use as the conditioner cooler and glace medicines.

Indian people boil about 300 grams of dry Mallow leaves in the 1 liter of water and drink it.

It is common for the people to use the brewed form of Mallow in the shape of apply warm compresses and baths, in the elimination of the discomfort of hemorrhoids, some tumors, swelling of the eyelids between the people.

There is one soluble that is making from the boil flower and leaves of the Mallow in half a liter of water. This soluble has the conditioner effective in the skin of the body and give a unique peace and soft mood to the skin of the body of the sensitive people with the sensitive and gentle skin.

For the treatment of the exposure to the sun’s heat and sunstroke, boil about 500 grams of leaves and flowers of Mallow in one liter of water is very effective and they must after smooth it gently rub it in the burn parts. Mallow is effective in the treatment of severe one-sided headache, stomach cramps, tonsillitis, throat pain and angina.

Mallow Flower

Important compounds

The Mallow flowers have more than ten percents of mucilage. This mucilage conversion and come to the other materials because of hydrolyzed. Also, flowers of it (in ratio with the dryness of them) have little Tannins, and about 0.1 percent of Vkuantusyanyn and 7 percent of Anthocyanins.

Important effects

The tail of the flowers of Mallow because of having mucilage, is a good anti-cough medicine. It is also consumed as severe cold (flu), swelling of the mouth and throat. On the other hand, because it has weak astringent property it is partly acting as anti -diarrheal.

In the common medicinal this plant use in edible form for bladder problems and in the shape of ointment for healing the wounds. The people use it to colouring foodstuffs.

The most important effects of the Angelica that they were reported are as follow:

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Disinfectants
  • Astringent
  • Laxative
  • Diuretic
  • Mucus
  • Uterine tonic
  • Anti-pain

Dosage and the way of consuming

Preparing tea:

Pour one glass of cold water on the 2 grams of Mallow flowers and boil it maximum for 5 minutes. It is possible to pour one glass of water in the boiling mood on two grams of flowers and after 15 minutes smooth them and drink.

Significant points:

  • The effects of Mallow are basically relating to the Mucilage and anthocyanins of it, that is one of the most important anti-cough and useful drugs for the elimination of hoarseness.
  • It is better that after smoothing the brewed Mallow give the little pressure to the flowers of it until whole Mucilage of it extracted and put the residue of it away.
  • When preparing this product, it must not boil more than 5 minutes because it is the cause of Hydrolyzed mucilage and make the influence of product low.

Mallow leaves

Important compounds

Mallow leaves have about 8 percents of mucilage that they are after hydrolyzed make the sugar products such as Arabinose, Glucose, Rhamnosus, Galactose, Galacturonic acid acid.It has also a little Tannins and flavonoids.

Dosage and the way of consuming

Pour one glass of cold water on the 5 grams of Mallow leaves and boil them for about 5 minutes or pour one glass of boiled water on the 5 grams of Mallow leaves (it is better to cover its door) after 15 minutes smooth the dissolved.  Of course, it is better that the cold dissolved come to be little hot before consume.  If before any time of drinking add one spoon of honey to the dissolved the effects of it come to be stronger. You can repeat this amount of consuming every day 3-4 times.

Important effects:

The important effects of the Mallow leaves are as same as the Mallow flowers and it is appropriate for the treatment swelling of the upper parts of respiratory way and throat and swelling of the bowel and stomach.

Herbal Medicines:

Mallow leaves are available as one of the effective plants in complications of the common cold, especially cough in many cold formulations, mixed with the other plants.

Complications and Precautions

Yet no complications have been reported.

Significant points

The available Mallow that is now in Iran (Malva neglecta), from the parts of medicinal properties, is as same as the other ones that they are available in all around the world. These two kinds of plant are from one genus.

The properties of flowers and leaves of Mallow are close to each other, but the effects of flowers because of having Anthocyanins and Lecco-Anthocyanins are more complete.

For consuming the complete properties of Mallow you can use the mixture of its flowers and leaves together.

As the effects of Mallow and Marshmallow are as same as each other so people can use the mixture of Mallow and Marshmallow together for preparing the especial mucilage and consume it especially for the colds, relieve a cough as bring mucus, and elimination of hoarseness.

For gathering the flowers the best time is in the summer that is the season of flowering Mallow, gathering the leaves are happening in the spring season.

In Iran markets, Mallow flower is only available in the dry shape (in purple colour).


High consumption of it will make the weak stomach frail. This plant is not good for the wet and cold temperament.