Qorabieh Tabriz (Tabriz traditional Sweet)

Qorabieh Tabriz (Tabriz traditional Sweet)

Qorabieh is a kind of Tabriz traditional sweet that it can find in both Tabriz city and also East-Azerbaijan. This sweet is one of the special souvenirs of Tabriz city.

The main consume material in this sweet is Almond and it has also some the other materials such as follow:

  • Pistachio
  • Sugar
  • Albumen

In the Pistachio Qorabieh instead of Almond people must consume Pistachio.

Another kind of Qorabieh with the name of Coconut Qorabieh people consume Coconut powder instead of Almond.

How to prepare this unique pastry?


Raw peeled Almond: 150 gram.

Sugar: 200 gram.

Albumen: 3 numbers.

Blended sugar, pistachio, and almond: necessary amount.

(Serve for 4-5 people)

  1. Make Almond in the powder shape and pour it inside Meat Grinder 2times.
  2. If the dough was stiff add a little albumen to it.
  3. Rub dough and let the colour of that change to white.
  4. Pour dough in the Cloth Funnel with the simple shape in the top.
  5. Put oil paper in the oven and pour the dough in the oven by the Cloth Funnel in the circle shape.(Pay attention that circles has enough space from each other)
  6. After that pour pistachio, sugar and almond on them.
  7. Pour sweets in the middle level of an oven that it was warm from the past by 350 Fahrenheit degree for 20-30 minutes.
  8. Wait until sweets have the golden colour.
  9. After pastries come to be cold separate them from oil paper.

This kind of pastry come to be dry in the weather so put them in the container and close the door of that or put them in the Nylon.


This pastry because of having pistachio and almond contain herbal iron, so don’t forget to pay attention in consuming.