Cahrouq is a traditional footwear that is prepared in several shapes such as follow:

  • Lace
  • Fasten by curtain
  • All leather (Open back and Close back)

Materials that they use in preparing such these footwear are such as follow:

  • Golabatoun Yarn (special kind of Yarn)
  • Cow leather
  • Colorful silk

Charouq is a kind of leather shoe that it was making from the past until now for foots of the peasantry and they have long items and straps that they are spinning around legs.  The straps so-called: Sham, Palik or Palik.

Base on archeology researches the roots of leather industry is back to 2000 years ago. The age of this kind of sewing is probably back to the Sasanid duration and the high parts of its decoration are back to the Safavid duration.

Beautiful parts and variety in designs of these kinds of foot wear fascinated eyes of any people that they love art to these abstract patterns and noble one.

The place of this kind of art in Zanjan state is Soltanieh city that is after that transported to Zanjan.

In recent years special kinds of Charouq is making in this city that it contains red leather and Tanner make them. This kind of Charouq doesn’t contain any strap and the front part of that is contain special shape. This kind of Charouq that it was making from 30 years ago and producing that was very common nowadays is not making a lot.

Today Zanjan Charouq has very thin and special design and it has mostly decoration model. People use them for walking on rugs.

This kind of shoe has the heel and only down of them are making with leather and top parts of them are contains thread with different colours.

Some kind of Charouq in different years are as follow:

  • Different kinds of Canaf (special cotton)
  • Whole skin
  • Agriculture
  • All leather
  • Lace
  • Curtain strap

North Khorasan souvenirs as same as souvenirs of the other parts of our country contain both eatable materials and handicrafts. One of the unique handicrafts of this region is the double-faced carpet that is one of the reasons that foreign travelers come to this part of Iran.

North Khorasan province is located in the North-East of Iran and has the same border with Turkmenistan from the North part of Iran.

Central of this City is Bojnourd and it is the fifth big province of whole Iran.

North Khorasan province has the big capacity for development of Tourism industry and has many Natural, Historical and Sports attractions.

From the Natural attractions of this province we can point to some of them as follow:

  • Tourist village of Esfidan in Bojnourd city
  • Beshqardash spring of Bojnourd that the water of that has many medicinal properties
  • Baba aman walkway with rich vegetation and full of water spring that is located near the branch beside Atrak River
  • Tourism village of Gelian in Shiravan city

Edible Souvenirs of North Khorasan province

Abnabaat (Candy)

The most famous souvenirs of North Khorasan especially Bojnourd is any kind of candy that the age of making them especially in the local workshops is back to more than one century. It is common for them to eat these candies instead of sugar near their tea. The oldest kind of candy in this province is Abnabaat Qeichy ( one kind of candy) that the age of that back to many years ago. This kind of candy because of cutting with very big traditional scissors has this name. The most famous candy of this province is Abnabaat Shekar panir (one kind of candy) the main product of making this candy is white material as same as dough that is coming from boiling sugar and water together. They boil sugar and water together until it comes to be thick and after that, they make this red material to the white one by rubbing.

Of Corse in some kinds of candies as same as Shekar panir people consume a little rice or wheat flour and in some the other kinds of candies, they use a little albumen.

The most kinds of taste of candies that they are common from very past are as follow:

  • Cardamom
  • Cinnamon
  • Ginger

But today you can find the other tastes of candy in this province either. Some of these taste are as follow:

  • Coconut
  • Pistachios
  • Cocoa


North Khorasan is the sixth producer of Grape in Iran and it has the fifth level in the surface of land under-producing this product. About 10 percent of grapes of whole Iran is catching from these grapes trees. This province from the part of variety in producing products has the unique level in Iran either.

Some of the most important grapes of this province are as follow:

  • Kolah daary
  • Bi daaneh Soltaani
  • Shast Arous
  • Lal
  • Khalili
  • Sahebi
  • Asgary
  • Sefid
  • Sabouni
  • Yaquoti

Two faces carpets

Weaving this kind of carpet is only from the Turkmen peoples of this province and you cannot find the other models of this carpet from the other Turkmen peoples in the other places. The special village of Doidoukh Olia from the part of Razoujer galan city is the main part of this kind of two-faced carpet. This kind of carpet preparing with the silky kind of cotton that they make by the natural colours. Some of the needed cotton are preparing from inside and some the other kinds of cotton are preparing from the outside of the village. All of these cotton are dyeing inside the village. For making this kind of two-faced carpet two weavers are sitting behind the special place of weaving carpet that each side of that has its own design. This kind of carpet has only one main difference in prepared with the one face carpet.

Some of the famous designs of two face carpet are as follow:

  • Yamout
  • Chahar Fasl (Four seasons)
  • Qarqachaaq
  • Qaapqaapi
  • Toranj (Orange)

Of Corse two face carpet because of the difficult way of preparing and consuming a long time is not making in a big size. These kinds of carpets have many fans in Europe and countries in the South-East of Asia.


Qorabieh is a kind of Tabriz traditional sweet that it can find in both Tabriz city and also East-Azerbaijan. This sweet is one of the special souvenirs of Tabriz city.

The main consume material in this sweet is Almond and it has also some the other materials such as follow:

  • Pistachio
  • Sugar
  • Albumen

In the Pistachio Qorabieh instead of Almond people must consume Pistachio.

Another kind of Qorabieh with the name of Coconut Qorabieh people consume Coconut powder instead of Almond.

How to prepare this unique pastry?


Raw peeled Almond: 150 gram.

Sugar: 200 gram.

Albumen: 3 numbers.

Blended sugar, pistachio, and almond: necessary amount.

(Serve for 4-5 people)

  1. Make Almond in the powder shape and pour it inside Meat Grinder 2times.
  2. If the dough was stiff add a little albumen to it.
  3. Rub dough and let the colour of that change to white.
  4. Pour dough in the Cloth Funnel with the simple shape in the top.
  5. Put oil paper in the oven and pour the dough in the oven by the Cloth Funnel in the circle shape.(Pay attention that circles has enough space from each other)
  6. After that pour pistachio, sugar and almond on them.
  7. Pour sweets in the middle level of an oven that it was warm from the past by 350 Fahrenheit degree for 20-30 minutes.
  8. Wait until sweets have the golden colour.
  9. After pastries come to be cold separate them from oil paper.

This kind of pastry come to be dry in the weather so put them in the container and close the door of that or put them in the Nylon.


This pastry because of having pistachio and almond contain herbal iron, so don’t forget to pay attention in consuming.

یکی از معروف ترین سوغاتی های اردبیل نان سنتی است که در اینجا طرز تهیه این نان محلی را مشاهده می کنید.


کره محلی: 200 گرم

آرد: فقط کمی (برای اینکه خمیر به دست نچسبد)

شکر: دو لیوان

شیر: یک کیلوگرم

تخم مرغ: پنج عدد

پودر خمیر ترش: دو قاشق غذاخوری

زردچوبه: یک قاشق غذاخوری

نمک: یک قاشق چایخوری

(برای 7-8 نفر سرو می شود)

طرز تهیه نان سنتی اردبیل؟

شیر را تا 37 درجه گرم کنید.

کره، شکر، زردچوبه، پودر رب، نمک و سفیده تخم مرغ را در ظرف بریزید و آرد را به آنها اضافه کنید و خمیر را درست کنید.

مواد را بمالید تا خمیر نرم شود و به دستتان نچسبد.

روی خمیر را با نایلون و دستمال بپوشانید و به مدت دو ساعت در جای گرم قرار دهید.

حالا خمیر را به قطعات کوچک برش دهید و بگذارید ده دقیقه بیشتر بماند.

باز کردن خمیر به شکلی که قطر آن دو سانتی متر باشد.

با چنگال طرح را روی خمیر درست کنید.

زرده و شیر را با هم مخلوط کنید و این مخلوط را روی خمیر بمالید.

خمیر را از 3 ساعت زودتر در فری که گرم شده بود قرار دهید.

Kalicheh is one of the souvenirs of Khorramshahr that its reputation received to the countries on the other Side of the Persian Gulf.

Khorramshahr is one of the cities in the South of Iran. These cities in the early Spring have pleasant weather and many natural attractions and historical monuments. Khorramshahr is the port with the historical attractions and natural beauty such as Minou island, Naseri Wetlands of  Khorramshahr, Fylyeh Palace, Karun River, Fishmonger market and Beach Park that attract many people to themselves annually, near the spiritual attractions as same as Shalamcheh shrine.

Many of the people that they are travel to Khorramshahr think that the only souvenir of  Khorramshahr is the date so when they go there they only buy the required dates of themselves. So the producers of date make some foods that they are as same as date sweet and maybe some of them have better taste than it either in the way that some tourist after only one-time use of them come to be they regular customer.

This kind of unknown souvenir in the Dialect call “Kalicheh” but in the other cities, it calls “Koloucheh Khormaea”  (Date Muffin ). Although this kind of product is prepared in the other cities but the old men and women of Khorramshahr believe that it was made for the first time in Khorramshahr and then from there go to the another cities and even countries.

The original Khorramshahri peoples know one old woman with seventy years old age as the best producer of “Kalicheh” in their city that she is subsistence by cooking “Kalicheh” for the many years.

The old seventy years old woman speaks about her experiences in cooking “Kalicheh”. She says that from 50 years ago she started to make “Date Kalicheh”. She lost her husband about forty years ago and she did this job from that time alone by herself.

She is as same as the kind mother when she speaks with her children. She told that the history of making “Kalicheh” in Khorramshahr is back to about thousand years ago and her customers are not only from the Khorramshahr but even they are from the countries in Persian Gulf margin such as Kuwait, UAE and Bahrain and they are once in a while give her order of making “Kalicheh”. Some of the shopkeepers around her say that these “Kalichehs” are posting to some countries as same as America and Europe either.

She believes that the best Kalicheh of whole Khorramshahr is making by her hands at home because she prepares them with patiently and in the way of painstakingly.

She has lots of information about making muffins in the other cities of Iran but she believes that the best one of them is from Khorramshahr with the best kinds of Date that it calls “Kalicheh”.

She knows these days are the time of making “ Date Kalicheh” in Khorramshahr. She said that one of the traditions of new year in Khorramshahr is making “Kalicheh”. She proposes that anyone come to be in Khoramshahr must eat this muffin.

There are five kinds of Date muffins in Khorramshahr. That three of them are the best. These three muffins are Tafton, large and small round Date bread.  These souvenirs are nutritious and full of properties. Some of the “Kalicheh” properties are as follow:

  • Having soybean oil with lots of vitamins
  • Having white wheat flour
  • Having Cumin that is tasty
  • Having date that contains many vitamins

How to prepare “Kalicheh”

First of all make Dough with White flour, Cumin, and Oil. Divide the dough into the smaller parts and put the Date in the middle of every part and base on our taste make the shape to them. Now decorate it with Eggs and Sesame. At the end cut them and put them in the oven at the temperature of 300-320 degree for twenty minutes.

They believe that “Kalicheh” is one of the best souvenirs of whole Iran that is convenient and cheap.

“Kalicheh” doesn’t have preservatives but it has very high durability.

Because Khorramshahr has the best date of whole Iran so it is very normal that the best “Kalicheh” must be specially prepared in this city.

Orumieh souvenirs are had many kinds of variety.

Orumieh is one of the beautiful cities with the good weather which attracts many tourists, especially in summer.

Near all these attractions the travelers are the worry for buying souvenirs for whom they are not near them on this trip and whom they want to have a gift from this city. Handicrafts and souvenirs of Orumieh with lots of variety will make all the travelers satisfy. Traditional sweets, sweet, distillates and Orumieh carrot halva are in the case of best selections as souvenirs.

The other souvenirs of Orumieh are as follow:

  1. a) Different types of local jams:

Apple, Cherry, Quince, Damask Rose, Carrots, Peaches and so on.

  1. b) Different types of syrups:

Cherry, Rose water, Lemon balm, Musk willow and so on.

  1. c) Different types of bread:

Ardeh, Tanour Chereh, Yakhl Chereh, Tava Chereh, Jozla Chereh.

  1. d) Different types of pickles:

Mix pickles, Leyte pickles, Seven Bijar pickles.

  1. e) Traditional sweets:

Tareh Halva, Dowshab Halva, Nesa,  Halva.

Orumieh Noql (Sweet):

One of the most famous souvenirs of Orumieh is Noql . From the past sweet has good location between Iranians and particularly it is a good replace for sugar near tea. Even you can see it in many ceremonies. Making sweet is not too much sophisticated today and everyone do it with the machine but it was very hard to do that in the past. Sweet is one of the products that making from the sugar. Heat the sugar to melt and then add Nuts such as  Pistachio, Almond that should be added to them and finally, add essence. In fact, we can divide this kind of sweet to three parts: Core, Veneer and Flavors that based on them they have various types. White veneer provided from sugar. In its core usually, they put Almonds, Walnuts, and Pistachios. Common flavors in Orumieh are Musk willow, Cinnamon, Saffron, Vanilla and the essence of various fruits. Also in terms of size, they are: small, medium and large. It can be said that sweet is one of the most delicious souvenirs of Orumieh that no one can easily pass around it.

Some of the sweets with different taste are pointed at bellow:

  • Musk willow sweet
  • Saffron sweet
  • Damask rose sweet

Orumieh Musk willow Noql (Sweet):

Musk willow is one of the native plants of  Orumieh. To produce this kind of sweet put slice shape of Almond in Musk willow. Sometimes you can make the white veneer from sugar and water and combine them together.  Sweet is almost ready but it is not the end of the work. Finally, you must add Musk willow until the sweets give good taste and aroma. The operation of aromatic the almond with dried Musk willow plant is costly. So it is possible that many persons use non-natural essential oils. It is White as same as silk so it is known as the silky sweet. I think that this is one of the best sweets and it can be the good choice as the souvenir from the Orumieh.


Orumieh Saffron Noql (Sweet):

Procurement stages of this kind of sweet are as same as Musk Willow Sweet with this kind of different that they use walnut for its core and Saffron as a coverage and its essence.

Orumieh Damask ros Noql(Sweet):

The way of preparing Damask rose sweet is as same as the other ones but in the coating of this kind you can see the dried flowers of Damask rose either. They will give the beautiful and tempting appearance to the sweets.

Orumieh carrot halva:

Orumieh carrot halva is known as same as sweet and the other souvenirs of Orumieh. This kind of halva contains walnut, grape juice, and carrot that all of them are very delicious. This kind of halva is preparing especially in Yalda night for people in Orumieh and West Azerbaijan. It is full of energy and helpful for the body and very well to use in the cold weather.

Orumieh Beverages:

West Azerbaijan province has good weather and because of that this province has many medicinal and mountainous herbs and so they produce many beverages. You can simply prepare these beverages from Orumieh. Musk willow and lemon balm are the most famous beverages of Orumieh.

Some of the Orumieh beverages are as follow:

  • Rose water
  • Yarrow
  • Willow leaves
  • Walnut leaves
  • Chamomile
  • Pennyroyal
  • Tendrils
  • Fumaria
  • Tarragon
  • Chicory
  • Fenugreek
  • Borage
  • Celery
  • Satureja
  • Sour orange distillate
  • Lettuce,
  • Mountain Watermelon
  • Alfalfa
  • Seven sugar plants
  • Eglantine
  • Dill
  • Teucrium
  • Hawthorn
  • Ziziphora tenuior
  • Territory

All of these beverages have their own medicinal properties. They are good idea to be as the souvenir.

Orumieh Musk willow Distillate

Musk willow is the plant that grows in the Western Azerbaijan province and it has many uses. Its distillate uses in many parts. For example for makes food, drink aromatic and also the medicinal properties of that they are very important. Musk willow is very effective in the treatment of dizziness, Anemia, and Strengthen the heart.

Orumieh Lemon balm Distillate

Orumieh Lemon balm Distillate is as same as Musk willow Distillate and it is using for making food and sweets aromatic, it has also medicinal properties either , some of these properties are as follow:

  • Tuning blood pressure
  • Tuning heart failure
  • Joy

Orumieh traditional sweet

Orumieh traditional sweet has a long antiquity and they prepared it from the long time ago in the group shape. Today preparing these sweets are doing in workshops. These sweets are vary.

Some of them are as follow:

  • Louzanak
  • Oven see sweet
  • Soujouq
  • Tareh Halav
  • Doushab Halva
  • Nesa Halava

Louzanak Orumieh

Louzanak is preparing from the Grape juice, Starch, Rose water and water. In the shape, it is as same as Meskhetian Turks. For decorate these sweet people use pistachio and walnuts. You can guess the taste of the sweet from its beautiful shape.

Oven see sweet

For preparing this sweet you must mix Yogurt and flour together and after that put a little sugar to the mix. After giving the shape to the dough rub egg to it and put it in the oven. This sweet can be a good idea to be as a souvenir.

Orumieh Soujouq

The main contain for preparing soujouq are grape juice, Starch, and Rosewater after its finish put the walnut inside them and give the shape of round strip to them. When its fish cut them and pour a little coconut powder on them.

In Qom province and more so in its rural areas handicrafts play an important part. Even though today it is to a lesser degree, but is still a means of earning a livelihood. The most important of these handicrafts are: carpets, brick and ceramic work, latticed work, a special type of sweet known as Sohan, rosaries, vessels of stone and gypsum, decorative articles, porcelain, silk carpets and fruits like pomegranate and fig.


Sohan is a traditional Persian saffron brittle confectionery (one kind of Halva). Its ingredients consist of wheat sprout, flour, egg yolks, rose water, sugar, butter or vegetable oil, saffron, cardamom, and slices of almond and pistachio. Sohan is crunchy and rich in flavor.

The first recipe of Sohan belongs to Ibrahim Shamaee who presented his recipe as a gift to a representative of the Shah; namely, the chief of Qajar tribe who had come to open an important religious shrine in Qom. Ibrahim added sugar to halva and a representative of the Shah, who ate the sugar enhanced halva ate it after his lunch and liked its taste. He spoke about a confectionery that it cut me like a rasp (file) that cuts iron while I digested my lunch! That is why it’s namedSohan. In this way, Sohan has been produced and distributed. At first it was a luxury confectionery for kings and rich people.


Shahrekord is the center of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province that has many natural attractions for the tourism and the tourism inside and outside the country love to see this beautiful location. For going to Shahrekord that is the highest city in Iran and has the dubbed of roofing in Iran make program in summer. Also near watching the very beautiful locations in this city has the program to buy souvenirs.

Some of the famous souvenirs of Shahrekord are as follow:

  • Some kinds of curd
  • Qara Qurut
  • Almonds
  • Herbal Medicines
  • Boldaji gaz

Some of the other edible souvenirs of Shahrekord are as follow:

  • Honey
  • Walnut
  • Pensionary
  • Candy
  • Fruit nuts

Sharekord Almond

Almond is one of the agriculture crops of Shahrekord that is used as exported good in this city. This Almond because of the good mountainous location and too many water that is prepare for it there is one of the best. Almond as same as Walnut and Pistachio has many properties for having the healthy body.

Some of the benefits of almond for the body are as follow:

  • Amino acid source
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Source of potassium, magnesium and vitamin D

Almond near the other nuts has unbelievable taste and it is very delicious and it can be a good choice as a souvenir.

Shahrekord Boldaji Gaz

Gaz is producing from the white sap that has the name of honey and it is collected in the cHahrmahal and Bakhtiary Mountains. The city that produced this kind of Gas has Beldaji name so the people say Beldaji gaz to it. Gaz is famous as the sweet souvenir of Shahrekord and attract everybody to itself .

Gas has the unique taste and you can prepare both Pistachio and Almond ones in this city.

Shahrekord Qara Qurut and curd

Many nomads in Chahar mahal and Bakhtiary and around Shahrekord and consequently one of the most thriving jobs there is animal husbandry. Quality of grazing areas effect on the milk and other dairy products of this region and give the very good taste to them.  The thing that it has been recommended to buy as the souvenir to the travelers is Shahrekord Qara qurut that is called in the local language as Qava. You can also prepare the curd of Shahrekord that has the very good taste.

These products are the rich source of calcium, that they are effective in improving disease such as Osteoporosis.

Shahrekord medicinal plants

Shahrekord is very famous in the field of medicinal and wild plants actually in the spring because the diversity of self-propelled plants in the mountainous parts of this city are too much. Some of them are use as the flavor near some local foods.

Some of these plants are as follow:

  • Pakalagh
  • Sheng
  • Acanthus
  • Mountain celery
  • Chavuk
  • Salman Torre
  • Oxalis
  • Aumaj
  • Moche

Also some the other kinds of medicinal herbs with their own properties that you can find in Shahrekord are as follow:

  • Mushroom
  • Ginger
  • Thyme
  • Chamomile
  • Chicory
  • Licorice
  • Shallot

Rasht city is located in the province that from one way it is near the sea and from the other way it is near forest and mountains so you can find many variations of products and souvenirs in this beautiful green city. It is enough that you go to the Rasht big market and find whatever that you wish there.  Rasht has many variations in the part of souvenirs and here you can find some of them.

Some of Rasht souvenirs are as follow:

  • Olive
  • Verjuice
  • Orange Jam
  • Cucumber
  • Pumpkin Jam
  • Halva brain
  • Varieties of birds and fish
  • Pomegranate paste
  • Orange flower jam
  • Many kinds of pickles
  • Fooman Muffins
  • Lahijan Muffins

Rasht Reshteh khoshkar

Reshteh Khoshkar is one of the traditional pastry of  Rasht and Gilan province that it can be prepared in travel to this city as a souvenir and consume it.

Reshteh khoshkar shows the attitude of Gilani women because this is the pastry that most of them make at home. This pastry has lots of popularity among the people that travel to this region. For preparing this pastry you can go to the confectionaries in this city and buy Reshteh Khoshkar that it makes in front of you. This pastry is, in fact, the cut paste that contains: Nuts brain, cardamom, and spices in the middle of itself. After that, the pastry prepares it will fry in the oil.

These are the reason that this pastry has the oily, sweet and very delicious taste.

Gilani peoples usually make and consume this pastry at home in the Ramadan month. If you have traveled to Rasht city don’t forget to buy this tasty pastry as the souvenir and eat it with tea either.

The whitefish of Rasht

The most delicious souvenir of Rasht city is its Whitefish that is hunting from the Caspian Sea and the rivers in the Gilan province. Whitefish is one of the most desirable fish of the North of Iran. This kind of fish has excellent taste and it is also odorless. Although eating it because of so many tiny bones inside, is not without controversy. People make white fish near the white rice or in the shape of the full stomach. Fish has the many health benefits and consuming it is recommended weekly for everyone by doctors.  Fish is the resource for the A, B, D vitamins,omega-3, calcium, phosphorus, and iodine.

For buying fresh white fish go to the Rasht big market.

Rasht Rice

When you are speaking about the North provinces of Iran undesirably you remember the name of the rice before everything. North of Iran has one of the best rice of  whole world. Rasht is also one of the manufacturers and providers of cultivated rice for Gilan province. The quality of rice of Gilan is show in their smell and flavor of them also if you put them in your hand you can feel that your hand come to be oily. The people of gilan and Rasht make rice in a different way and consume it. They try to maintain the vitamins and properties of the rice. So don’t forget to buy rice from the North of Iran. Rive is also the most valuable souvenir of Gilan Province.

Gilan Tea

Tea is cultivating in many cities of Gilan Province such as : Rasht, Fooman, Langerud, Somesara, Siahkal. Rasht except of preparing and cultivating tea supply it either and the travelers can easily find their desirable tea there. Tea is the appropriate option as the souvenir because it has the excellent scent and taste and it has also takes less space than the other souvenirs such as Rice. Drinking tea is good for refreshment. Infuse of tea with additives such as orange flower, Cardamom, cinnamon and… each one has advantages and properties.

Rasht Rice Bread

Rasht rice bread that it calls Timi Jan is the kind of bread that is make from the rice flour. Rasht rice bread in terms of appearance is round and thin. Timi Jan is the name of the village that this kind of bread is prepare there and it is specially for there and after that it has find the way to the Rasht markets. Rasht rice bread make by the hand of the tasteful and artist Gilani women that they prepare it specially for Eid and their guests. This pastry because of the Rice flour that it contain has the sweet taste. Rasht people consume this pastry with sesame pudding that is too much tasty and delicious. Rice bread of Rasht is a good souvenir and it is enough to consume it only one time to come to be its client.

Ilam has many edible souvenirs near beautiful handicrafts.

Base on the good weather it has perfect honey and animal oil either. Here you can find some of the best pastry of Ilam are such as follow:

  • Turpentine
  • Mountainous pistachio
  • Bezhy bar saq
  • Kaleh Konji
  • Some of the Ilam local breads

Some of the other popular souvenirs of Ilam are as follow:

  • animal oil
  • Mountain Honey
  • Curd
  • Sesame Walnut
  • Kak pastry

Ilam Bezhy bar saq pastry

Bezhy bar saq of Ilam is one of the most popular old pastry of Ilam that in the past Ilami artists women made it for the several ceremonies and also as purveyance for the travel. Today this tasty pastry is making in the pastry workshops. The ingredients of this pastry are as follow:

pastry dough


Local animal oil






They make this dough in the desired shape and after that fry it in the oil. Now the pastries are ready to eat. To prepare Bezhy bar saq of Ilam to go to to the Pastry makers and Traditional Markets and prepare it as the souvenirs of Ilam for your relatives and make them familiar with the old souvenir of Ilam. In addition “Bezhy” means living and the meaning of this pastry is that enjoy your life.

 Ilam Kaleh Konji Pastry

try is a kind of halva with very sweet and delicious taste and it is in the type of especial pastry of  Ilam city. Ilam people mostly consume this pastry in Yalda night. The main ingredients of this pastry are as follow:


Date palm

Both of them are very energetic and tonic.

Ilam Begol Halva

One of the other pastry of Ialm that is counted in the parts of the Halvas is Begol Halva. As same as the other pastries of there the ingredients of that are contain: Kale Konji, Palm, and Seasame but this kind of halva has Curd either. Begol Halva is very tasty and nutritious. Begol and Kale konji are very appropriate for the cold weather and consume them make the body hot.

Ilam Beneh (Mastics)

Mastic is another name of the wild pistachio that its tree is usually can find in the mountains. The brain of this kind of pistachio is too small. This tree has a kind of sap,  that is called gum sap. Gum is the kind of green, sticky and thick resin. Resin use in the making chewing gum, pharmaceutical drug, plastic materials, perfume and …. Mastics or gum can be a good choice as the souvenir.

Some of the other properties of mastics are as follow:

  • Paregoric
  • Wound healing
  • Nerves reinforcing
  • Stomach reinforcing
  • Treatment of gastrointestinal diseases

Ilam Local bread

The way of baking the local bread in Ilam is now a day as same as the past times and in the traditional mood and in making these kinds of bread there are no harmful materials and unnatural methods.  Usually to prepare these kinds of bread they use the metal material that is called sach. They put sach on the fire and flattened the prepared dough on it.

Some of the traditional bread of Ilam are as follow:

Ilam Saji bread:

It is the kind of extenuation bread that its dough is making from the mixture of leaven, flour, water. This kind of bread is making on the sach.


Ilam Ppg bread:

For making this kind of bread mix water, onion and flour together and make the dough. Put the dough under the Ash.

 Ilam Fatir bread:

This is the kind of bread without leaven. Mix flour, water, and salt together and flattened it on the sach.

Ilam Kazgeh bread

Ilam Shalkeh bread

Ilam Tanoury bread

Ilam Panjeh kesh bread