Red clover

Red clover

The scientific name of this planet is (Trifolium Pratense), Red Clover is a perennial and herbaceous plant that grow in the temperature region of the earth. In The favorable condition this plant lives about 7 years but in the hot weather, it will live only for 2 years. Red Clover has very low height and it is not more than 15 cm. height.

The leaves of that are oval and elongated with three leaflets, and it is the reason that why in the Medieval the Christians honor it because they know it as the symbol of God, Christ, and Holy Sprit.

It is also used as the nutrition for the animal fodder.


Chemical composition:

This planet contains lots of  minerals such as smooth, iron, phosphorus, sulfur, potassium, magnesium, manganese, zinc, copper, lead, nickel and cobalt.

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Medicinal Properties:

According to the ancient medicine of  Iran, Red clover is cold and wet.

1) The most important properties of Red Clover is being anti-cancer.

2) Red Clover cleaning blood and body.

3) Red Clover relieves a cough.

4) Red Clover relieves muscle pain.

5) Red Clover destroys inflation of the skin.

6) Fresh clover is used as a laxative.

7) Red Clover is for the treatment of asthma.

8) Red Clover is useful for the treatment of Ascites body.

9) Red Clover uses for relieving as stomach cramps.

10)  For the treatment of arthritis , rheumatism should boil Clover  leaf in olive oil and rub it on the painful area.

11) Eat Red Clover for a life span and prevent heart disease.

12) Red Clover Is for the treatment of the seizure.

13) Put a poultice of Red Clover to heal wounds.

14) To relieve itching crush Red Clover and rub it on the skin.


How to use:


Put 30 grams of the dried herb in a quart of boiling water and brew it  for 5 minutes. Drink about one cup 3 times in a day.

Boiled Red Clover:

Put 50 gr. Red Clover flowering branches on the amount of milk or water, and let it simmer for a while and after it come to be cool leave the poultice on the skin or painful parts to remove pain.


As Red Clover has Syanydryk acid so the high consumption of it is dangerous but it has no risk and it will be useful if you use it in balance.