Sewing Cahrouq Souvenir of Zanjan

Sewing Cahrouq Souvenir of Zanjan

Cahrouq is a traditional footwear that is prepared in several shapes such as follow:

  • Lace
  • Fasten by curtain
  • All leather (Open back and Close back)

Materials that they use in preparing such these footwear are such as follow:

  • Golabatoun Yarn (special kind of Yarn)
  • Cow leather
  • Colorful silk

Charouq is a kind of leather shoe that it was making from the past until now for foots of the peasantry and they have long items and straps that they are spinning around legs.  The straps so-called: Sham, Palik or Palik.

Base on archeology researches the roots of leather industry is back to 2000 years ago. The age of this kind of sewing is probably back to the Sasanid duration and the high parts of its decoration are back to the Safavid duration.

Beautiful parts and variety in designs of these kinds of foot wear fascinated eyes of any people that they love art to these abstract patterns and noble one.

The place of this kind of art in Zanjan state is Soltanieh city that is after that transported to Zanjan.

In recent years special kinds of Charouq is making in this city that it contains red leather and Tanner make them. This kind of Charouq doesn’t contain any strap and the front part of that is contain special shape. This kind of Charouq that it was making from 30 years ago and producing that was very common nowadays is not making a lot.

Today Zanjan Charouq has very thin and special design and it has mostly decoration model. People use them for walking on rugs.

This kind of shoe has the heel and only down of them are making with leather and top parts of them are contains thread with different colours.

Some kind of Charouq in different years are as follow:

  • Different kinds of Canaf (special cotton)
  • Whole skin
  • Agriculture
  • All leather
  • Lace
  • Curtain strap