Sheng (Plant)

Sheng (Plant)

Sheng from the nature part according to traditional medicine sages conversation is cool and dry.

Sheng leaves prevent from stomach bleeding.If you are poisoning use from the roots of this plant. It is useful for rheumatism and the water of raw Sheng  root  destroys the wart. It has benefit for the sanatorium. Put the flowers of  Sheng on the burn site until heal it.

This plant is called Sheng in Persian , but in Shiraz and Isfahan, it calls Buttercup Sheng and in Khorasan it calls beard speckled goats.

This plant is also called Yemenia, glucose, Snsfyl, Tslsfyl , Asplnj and spinach.

Arabic type of this plant that the leaves are narrower than Sheng is call Lhyh Tays and Znb tours, but in Iraq and Levant, it calls Aznab.

Sheng is grown in wet grasslands of northern Iran, Marlv, between the pigeon and yellow Chinese tea, Ayspyly summer Alborz range, especially Afjeh and elm and grass .

Sheng due to the beauty of the flowers grows in Europe .

Old botanical knew the true type of Sheng as male and Meadow type  as female.


In French call Sheng , GMT Dvshvv that is appearing in the May – July. The roots of  Sheng has been glazed and slightly bitter and it incredibly increases appetite .

Sheng roots are mucus, emollient chest and heal the ulcers.

Sheng leaves are used in salads and Iranian as it is very cool eat Sheng as same as lettuce and Chicory with or without vinegar.

Eating Sheng leaves  strap diarrhea and gastric bleeding and it is prevented from chest bleeding and it is benedictional for the sanatorium.

Sheng root is stronger than the leaves to prevent from diarrhea and bleeding . To prevent uterine bleeding prescribed eat soak of  Sheng in wine.

Sprinkle dried leaves and flowers of this plant on the in the stinking purulent wounds is useful.


People have considered it useful as the poultice to heal cut nerve .

Flower of Sheng as the poultice is useful for fire blight.

Hakim Muhammad ibn Zakariya Razi knew eating the root of  Sheng as the antidote to poisons.

Extract of Sheng plant that is known as Trsvs in traditional medicine of  Iran is a strong antidote and it is used to make treacle Farvn.

60 grams roots of  Sheng is prescribed for the treatment of pulmonary catarrh , gout, rheumatism and skin diseases.

After cooking never put out the water of this plant and drink it, because the interest of  Sheng is collected in the boiling water.

Sheng extracts useful for the treatment of tinea and skin sores.

Sheng raw root juice destroys warts.


If you cut the grass plant, Schenk, from the part that is rubber it has secreted a substance that is called turpentine or Qndran , this plant come to brandy in the air and Iranians eat Sheng as a chewing gum  and if you get a little heat to it , it will change the model and come to be cache and you can make the best tires with it but as the amount of it  is low making the tire is not worth.

Turpentine is friend with liver and it is fast-burning and prevent from blood congestion. Chewing it make digestion easy and increase the appetite.

It is beneficial for removal of mucus from the breast. It is useful  for heart and lights. To relieve a cough eat a little of it is prescribed.

Poultice with senderos  or egg yolk on the wound to heal and grow half-roasted meat is beneficial.