Sirjan souvenirs and handicrafts

Sirjan souvenirs and handicrafts

Sirjan is located in Kerman province. This city has its own souvenirs as handicrafts that some of them are as follow:

  • Qovatou
  • Meskhetian Turks
  • Pateh
  • Pistachios
  • Shiraky Pich Qali (Shiraky screw rug)


Qovatou or Qaout is one of the souvenirs of Kerman and Bam that has the long history. This oral powder that in fact must count in the groups of blintz is produced in several types and has different flavors. One kind of it is the combination of chickpeas, coconut, and sugar. In the other kind instead of chickpeas, they use Pistachios. But the most famous and the complete one of them is from Kerman that has the brown colour and it usually contains Coffee, Sugar, Portulaca oleracea seed, Poppy, Barely plant , Seed, Lettuce seeds, Sesame, Black Seeds, Coriander, Flax plant, Madder, Official cardamom, Wind cardamom, Jadava, Murdaneh . Some of these materials must be roast then they must Mix and grind off.

How to use?

Usually, people use some spoons of Qaraqorouts, someone else first solves it in the boiling water and after that consume. Though people can use it with tea and milk either. It is usually one custom that when one woman is giving birth to the child people give her and her guests Qovatou.

Some of Qovatou properties:

Qovatou usually has a hot nature and it is effective for the followings:

  • Effective in the treatment of leg pain, back pain, headaches and relieve stomach bloating
  • Refreshment for those who have high physical and mental activity
  • Increase the strength of women during pregnancy and effective in contributing to the growth of the fetus
  • Effective on pain relief for women during menstruation
  • Reducing weakness and inability in the elderly
  • Affecting in the mental and physical development of children
  • Increase physical strength of athletes
  • Increasing the power of manhood
  • Increase milk in nursing mothers
  • Reinforcement of memory

Meskhetian Turks

Meskhetian Turks pastry Is one of the important souvenirs of  Sirjan city. If you ask from the old persons in your relatives and family that what was your favorite pastry in the past years , certainly they will count some kinds of pastry that Meskhetian Turks is one of them. Today this pastry has lots of  fans in Sirjan.


Pateh (or Pateh embroidered) is a kind of Kerman embroidered superficies. The background cloth of this work from the thick, wool cloth that is called Ariz (with the meaning of wide). Sempstress artists that they are mostly housewives women and girls, with the help of motifs needles setting subjective thoughts and insights of their personals with colored stitches thread on the field of thick woolen cloth (Ariz).


Shiraky Pich Qali(Shiraky screw rug)

Shiraky  Screw is the name of the kind of rug that is found in the Sirjan region. This kind of rug is unique and different near its own types. This type of rug in the past was woven only in the shape of the rug but today it is woven in the two shape of both shape of Glim and Qali .

In this kind of Glim unlike other types of this product which woof is the reason of the formation of products, in this kind woof doesn’t have any role in texture and it only connects the sleaves together and it is the reason of strength conflicts of sleaves with cotton cream. This kind of Glim is woven and produce in “Darestan” of  Sirjan.

Glim Texture is in rural and nomadic communities are almost professional non-permanent and seasonal.  Glim and Shiraky Pich Qali (they are call suzani in Sirjan either) is part of  Sirjan people incomes. They are thousand of active weavers in Sirjan that they are weaving their products on the seven thousand of place for produce carpets. Because they were many requests for this kind of Qali , export, and production so the producers of this product come to be more and more until 6-7 thousand. Shiraky Pich is in the shape as same as Qali and it is made by weaving knot and in contrast with the other kinds of Glim that woof show the shape of the Qali in this kind and complete it and it is representative of designs here it is hidden and only connect sleaves together.