What are Ardabil souvenirs?

What are Ardabil souvenirs?

Ardabil souvenirs are generally different from many cities of Iran. Perhaps it’s find due to good weather and its prairie. Ardabil is a province that annually receptive many tourists that they travel there to  visit  attractions such as hot water, ski resort, beautiful nature and they are instead of these place looking for  finding souvenir markets of Ardabil . Here I will introduce you to Ardabil famous souvenir. Honey slopes of Sabalan Mountain, black halva, sunflower seeds, and cream are so famous.

Other souvenirs of Ardebil province include:

  • Chocolate Rvsth
  • Butter and ghee
  • Medicinal Plants
  • Local pickle
  • Jam (flowers jam , cherries, citron, lemon, banana, carrots, etc.)

Ardebil Black halva

Ardabil black halva or “Nagorno Halva” morphologically is very similar to that halva with brown color in many parts of Iran. But this halva is cooking in Ardebil from nearly a century ago and, as traditionally cooked in special containers that called Tian .The main ingredients for making black halva  are such as wheat germ, whole grain flour, butter, honey, spices, pistachio and coconut powder.  Each of these ingredients  have their own benefits; for example, butter has energy , wheat germ has various vitamins, honey is detoxification, so base on properties black halva has warm nature and it is useful to treat cold and diseases related to bone and joint pain. Of course, many people of Ardabil are used it as food for cold weather.

If I want to explain more about the history of black halva, I can say heritage of it is  from a dear family and a few workshops can be found in the city of Ardabil that they  are cooking this halva and they held by descendants and disciples of  this family.  For having Ardebil black halva you can go Alighapoo and also visit historical monuments that are located in that area. More visitors to the region have no knowledge about black pudding and just happened to have purchased this product, but their customer will maybe try it out once. Because many people do not know what is this product, I suggest you get this delicious Halva as souvenirs of Ardabil.

The following are some of the properties of black halva that will show you the valuable parts of this souvenir:

Full of calories, protein, carbohydrate and fat

Contains vitamins B, C, E

It has minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and amino acids

Ardabil Honey

 Honey is known souvenir of Ardabil and surrounding areas. Ardabil has honey because of the plains full of flowers and plants such as oregano, coriander, astragalus, thyme, honey and … in the foot of Sabalan and other areas of the province, you can not easily ignore high quality and taste of this honey. The required  significant percentage of honey in Iran is produced in Ardabil. This honey has waxed and it is very useful.  The honey is producing in different colors from bright yellow to dark red depending on the different  plant. Honey and their derived products are use in medical, cosmetic and food industries.

Its healing properties are as follows:


Decontamination of the digestive tract

Wound healing

Treatment of heart disease, nervous, rheumatism and …

Ardabil honey is available with different flavors. Bees gathered nectar from one or from several plants. That’s why the honey name obtained from the name of a plant.

Few examples:

Astragalus honey and thyme

Health benefits: concerns, epilepsy, respiratory disease, joint pain, improve vision

Honey clover and sainfoin

Medicinal properties: regulating the body’s hormones, sedatives

Forty plant honey

This type of honey bee plants in the spring. This plant is called Forty honey because of the diversity of their city’s power.

Medicinal properties: Housing a cough, novel lung disease

Honey Coriander

This type of honey is reddish yellow in color and is fragrant.

Medicinal properties: appetizer, tonic for the stomach, suitable for use of infectious diseases

The properties and definitions have been said on a visit to Ardabil, you get delicious honey and nourishing it.

Sunflower seeds

Another souvenir of one of the Ardabil province is sunflower seeds. This chameleon plant is grown in many regions of the province. Ardebil, West Azarbaijan and Kermanshah provinces and in the side. Another indicator manufacturers. Sunflower is one of the junk food in each round Hemi and our party Iranians could be seen, and in particular it is popularity among the Iranians. As well as seed other products such as oil will produce from it. If you wish to provide high-quality seeds,do not forget the seeds of Ardabil  and certainly there will be an attractive souvenir for the family,

Its properties include:

Has protein, phosphorous, potassium, the hydrocarbons

Contains vitamins A and B


Prevents cramps

Promote bone health

Prevent arthriti

 Ardabil Cream

Since  in Ardabil province livestock prospered, the curd is one of the region’s animal products that can be produced in Ardabil. Natural fat skim  is delicious and obtained by boiling it and has  the creamy and delicious  taste . This one produced as souvenirs , but I think it will be something else if you use it as the  breakfast with local honey and bread  so remember to taste it.