What are Behbahan Souvenirs?

What are Behbahan Souvenirs?

Behbahan is the city in the Khuzestan province. This city has many attractions for travelers. Khuzestan and the cities that it has inside had good weather for agriculture. The good weather of the Khuzestan is the reason that it has such a great souvenirs in lots of variations. The most famous souvenirs of Khuzestan is date and date palm of this city have variation in many kinds that Behbahan souvenirs are from them.

These souvenirs are representative of whole Khuzestan souvenirs.

Some of the Ahvaz souvenirs are as follow:

  • Sugar Halva
  • Sesame Halva
  • Ardeh Halva
  • Ardeh Sap
  • Traditional cookies
  • Many kinds of spices such as paprika
  • Palm fiber

Date Palm

Date palm is one of the best souvenirs of Ahvaz. Khuzestan province especially Ahvaz has many Nakhlestan (Palms trees) inside itself that every year they prepare some percentages needs of the country. You can see lots of variations of dates palms in this city and taste each one that you want and prepare it base on your taste.

Totally Date palms organize into two parts:

1/Wet date palms

2/ Dry date palms

Wet date palm is the one that it has sap like the Mazafaty date. Dry date palm is the one that they picked from the tree late and they are dry in half.

Date palm has hot nature near the many properties as follow:

  • It is energy producer
  • A rich source of iron
  • Protein
  • Comestible fiber
  • Potassium
  • Vitamin

Many people Know Date palm as the complete meal that it is the source of energy. You can find many models of date palms from Khuzestan province.

Sayer Date palm of Behbahan

Behbahan Sayer Date palm is one of the famous dates palms of  Khuzestan that most of this product export to Australia and Europe. This date palm is bestselling date palm and has a good price. This kind of date palm is dry and has a very special taste and this is a good selection for the people that they like date palm with such great taste.

Kabkab date palm of Behbahan

One the other desirable date palm of  Behbahan is Kabkab date palm. Kabkab date palm is grown in Bushehr and Yazd either. In the comparison appearance of this kind of date, the palm is smaller than the other kinds of date palm in Behbahan. You can find 2 other souvenirs that they have come from the sap and sugar of this date that they are separately available as souvenirs.

Zahedi Date palm of  Behbahan

Maybe you have the date and date palm in one category but they are not as same as each other and date palm has different stages to grow. In one of this stages date, palm come to be dark and juicy because of sunlight that you can call it Mazafaty and Kabkab dates. Now if you don’t pick the date and let it be on the tree and come to be dry so it comes to be Zahedi and Payarom date palms. So Zahedi is a kind of date palm that is dry and you can use it instead of sugar near your tea and enjoy it.

Some of the products of Behbahan Date palm

Some of the other souvenirs of Khuzestan province that they come from date palms and dates are as follow:

  • Brown core of Date palm
  • Vinegar of Date palm
  • Sugar of Date palm
  • Sap of Date palm
  • Manakin
  • Halva of Date palm
  • Chips of date palm
  • Bread of Date palm
  • Chocolate of Date
  • Many kinds of sweets

Brown core of Date palm

Roasting the core of Date palm then make them powder that they call coffee of date. Brew the coffee date that near its memorable smell you can have the best properties of it for your body, also they make the ointment from this powder either that is fixed eyelid swelling. I suggest to you use and have it as souvenirs for your family and friends.

Sugar of Date Palm

In very past years people make sugar from Date palm and when it was nature it was very well for the body. Now you can prepare this kind of sugar for yourself and you can be sure that it hasn’t disadvantaged for the body. This kind of sugar is very useful for the diabetic peoples.

Manakin date of  Behbahan

Manakin is a kind of dry sweet and dessert of South of Iran that is similar to Halva. For making this kind of food you must use date palm and walnut that it will make the energy produced food and it is very well and useful for the body. This kind of food decorates in many variations.

Sap of date palm of Behbahan

The sap of date is very nutrition and use it near Ardeh is one of the other souvenirs of Khuzestan province and it is one of the complete meals for everyone. Sap can be use near the tea and it is also used to make any kind of food sweet.