What are Bojnoord Souvenirs?

What are Bojnoord Souvenirs?

Bojnoord souvenirs are not known for everyone. Bojnoord is provincial capital of  North Khorasan, it is a town with a good climate. Bojnoord is the spectacular place, and it can be a perfect option for travel, even because of the good weather many kinds of edible souvenirs and agricultural products can find there. The famous souvenirs of Bojnoord contain Candy ( Shekar Panir ), Qarreh Qorut, Curd, Razzaqi Grape.

Some the other kinds of  Bojnoord souvenirs that you can find them in the other parts of  North of  Khorasan are as follow:

  • Dried fruit
  • Nuts and Raisins
  • Peaches and apples
  • Fruit

Bojnoord Candy

Bojnoord has about eighty years experience in produce candy and most of the people like to eat them. Many Iranian prefer to have candy instead of sugar near their tea and this is one of the reasons that candy has lots of advocates in Iran. If you just once taste them you will buy them every time. Candy is made from water, sugar, lemon and white part of the egg. At first, the candy made very simple but nowadays you can find many models of it with different tastes for all the people.

Some of the taste are as follow:

Coconut , Saffron, Lemon, Pistachio, Cinnamon, Ginger, Sesame, Cocoa, Barberry and Cardamom.

Bojnoord pistachio candy:

Pistachio is very good and eating it is very useful for the body especially for the people that they are weak or ill. Pistachio contains vitamins, iron, calcium, phosphorus, and potassium. This candy has good taste and it is in the parts of expensive candies.

Bojnoord cinnamon candy:

Cinnamon has a hearty taste near the tea and it is very effective in the treatment of muscle ache. It also reduces the blood pressure. It acts like Insulin. Daily consumption of it is very good for health and it is sedative either.

Bojnoord Cardamom candy:

Cardamom also has very good taste near the tea. It has it advocates and lots of people prefer to eat them with their tea.

Properties of it are as follow:

Help digestion, improve appetite, improve colds, strengthens the kidneys and so on.…

Bojnoord Berry candy:

It is good for the people that like the sweet and sour taste together. It contains good color either.

Bojnoord Sesame candy:

This candy is mixed with the Sesame seed but all the people don’t like them. Its properties are as follow strengthened vessels, migraine prevention, osteoporosis, lower cholesterol.

Bojnoord Qarreh Qorut

Qarreh Qorut is one of the productions of the milk. There are good pastures in North of Khorasan that has prospered as the ranch. Qarreh Qorut is one production that depends on to the ranch. In Turkish, the people say Black curd to the Qarreh Qorut either. It has Light cream, yellow and dark brown colors. Qarreh Qorut has its own advocates but does not eat too much of it because its disadvantages are more than advantages.

Bojnoord Grape

One of the most important productions in North of  Khorasan is grape. The first grape that produces in around Bojnoord is call, Khalili grape. The first kinds of it are produced in July and the end kinds of it are produced in October that is called Razaqi. These grapes can easily find in Bojnoord and they have good taste and they contain lots of properties either. Also, raisins with many benefits are one of the derivatives of the grapes.