What are Bushehr Souvenirs?

What are Bushehr Souvenirs?

Bushehr is one of the beautiful ports of South Iran that has many tourist attractions. This beautiful port has quiet coastal and beautiful palm groves that they are attracted the eye of the beholder.

Some of the Bushehr souvenirs are as follow:

  • Date palm
  • Ardeh
  • Fish
  • Shrimp

In additions to them, you can prepare some Bushehr Handicrafts as souvenirs either.

  • Meskhetian Turks
  • Rashi Halva
  • Sangak Halva
  • Baked Kharak (Kind of Date)

Bushehr Date

Date palm cultivation in Bushehr is back to the Achaemenid era and today it is one of the main Jobs of Bushehrian peoples. This job is the production of the date palm and the resulting products of them. Overall, in the discussion of expert date has the special place in Iran and that is why Bushehr is important from this respect.

The date is one of the most Nutritious fruits that we can say many properties for it such as A large percentage of glucose and sucrose, Vitamins A, B, C, E, as well as it is the rich source of energy for the body.

The date has many products such as Palm sap, Date vinegar, Palm Fruit roll, Date nectar, Extracts of Palm as a drink, Palm Chocolate for breakfast and … that each of them has its own unique flavor.

Bushehr Ardeh

Ardeh is one of the delicious Sesame products that it is a high-energy food and comes to be more delicious near Honey,  Palm sap, and Grape sap. Ardeh oil is a rich source of vitamins, antioxidants, and saturated fat…

Also according to its many properties, it will make the body resist against the cold weather.

Some of the others properties of Sesame oil are as follow:

  • Prevent from the hair loss and make rapid growth of Hair
  • Useful for anemia

•    Reinforcement of Blood flow

Bushehr Fish and Shrimp

If you are searching for the Fresh and Tasty Fish of South sea of Iran, Bushehr city is the good idea for you to finding the best of them there. Fish markets in Bushehr have lots of booms and you can find your favorite Fish and Shrimps there. Bushehr Fish as same as the other cities of South of Iran has many varieties. Some of these Fish are as follow:  Squid, Tap Fish, Hamoun Fish, Sangsar Fish and …

Near the Fish, you can find the best fresh Shrimp in Bushehr. Bushehr Shrimp has many fans either.  Also, the delicious local cuisine of Bushehr that they prepare with fish and Shrimp will attract your idea.