What are Gorgan souvenirs?

What are Gorgan souvenirs?

Gorgan as same as the other northern cities of  Iran has variety in souvenirs. Near the nature and the attractions of Gorgan watching markets and  crafts Bazaar is very attractive .  Traditional sweats of  Gorgan  are the famous souvenirs of there and also the Iranian women base on different ceremonies  make different kinds of pastry. The souvenirs of  Gorgan contain : Gingerbread, Brown bread , gruel Halva, Sarqabily, Euphorbia helioscopia bread, Pa derazi Bread and bread products that are stilted and explain to you according to your preference as symbol and souvenirs of  Gorgan city .

The other souvenirs of  Gorgan contain :

  • Pancake
  • Fish and Caviar
  • Colombo
  • Field to
  • Bakery Brass
  • Turnover
  • Cullen bread
  • Sichuan Kmach
  • Glaj
  • Sugar bread

Gorgan Gingerbread

Gingerbread is one of the traditional bread of Gorgan . That has a special place near the guests of this city. Food Preparation of  Gorgan Gingerbread contains Oil, Wheat powder, Ginger , Sugar. Generally from the appearance, they are the diamond. The combination of Ginger makes the taste of this pastry great and amazing.  Also because of  the Ginger that is used in this pastry Gingerbread has treatment properties either.

Some of them are as follow:

  1. Ginger makes the body warm.
  2. It is good for cold and cough.
  3. Ginger is effective in the treatment of muscle cramps.
  4. It is useful for diseases of the stomach.

Gorgan Brown bread

Brown bread is the souvenirs from the other cities of Iran. This kind of bread has a traditional history and if the weather is cold it will make the body hot. It is very hearty to drink a cup of tea near the Brown bread. Don’t forget Gorgan Brown bread.

Gorgan gruel Halva

Gruel Halva is a special souvenir of Gorgan. The Gorganian women made it with lots of hardship from the past. Food Preparation of  gruel halva is contained: Wheat Flour, Honey, Oil, Pistachios powder, Cardamom, and Rosewater. Travelers can by this kind of halva from the confectioneries.

Gorgan Sarqabily

One of the other special traditional pastry of Gorgan is Sarqabily. Food Preparation of  Sarqabily is contained: Sugar, Milk and Cube sugar powder are the main raw material. It is the very attractive souvenir.

Gorgan Pa derazi Bread

Pa derazi is a popular bread among Gorgan people. It is very soft bread and it can easily fold . Food Preparation of  Pa derazi  is contained: Oil, Flour , Rose Water and the black seeds and since it has no sugar it is useful for Diabetes.

Gorgan Euphorbia helioscopia bread

Bread and pastry are the most food souvenirs in Gorgan. One the other pastry that most of the people are familiar with it  is Euphorbia helioscopia and it is available in most of the confectionery in many cities. Food Preparation of it contains Flour , Raisins , Milk, and egg. Maybe the  reason of  having this name for this bread is having milk inside it. Raisins are very important in preparing this bread and make the taste of that very delicious. It has also date inside the bread. This bread is very delicious and it can use as a snack.