What are Hamedan Souvenirs?

What are Hamedan Souvenirs?

Hamedan is one of the oldest cities of Iran, that if you abandon from historical monuments and beautiful nature of it, and check out the markets of this city, you will see foods and unique crafts. Hamadan souvenirs are greatly varied so that the choice between them, for any traveler is very difficult. But because of the sweet dating of Hamedan back over several hundred years ago and it is known to West traditional sweets pole of  Iran, so it can be possible to provide  Hamedan sweet as souvenirs. Among the traditional sweets of Hamedan some of them that they are famous are as follow:

  • Finger screws
  • Shortbread
  • Yolk Halva

In  Hamedan also grape juice has the long history.

Some the other kinds of Hamedan souvenirs are:

  • Scissors candy
  • Baghdad tea
  • Bread tea
  • Turkish delight
  • Several kinds of pickles and jams
  • Sheermal bread

Hamedan Shortbread

Shortbread is one of the unique souvenirs of  Hamedan. It is one of the traditional sweets of  Hamedan either that bake of it in Hamedan has the long history. It is the kind of sweet that the travelers cannot easily pass through it and it will absorb any taste. Main ingredients in preparing Shortbread are flour and sugar that fill it with walnut and cinnamon and creates an extraordinary taste.

Hamedan Yolk Halva

Yolk halva is for the Hamedan . A kind of dessert that it is similar to porridge from the shape with the difference that yolk halva is more rigid. Yolk Halva has very pleasant taste that all people of all ages like it. Yolk Halva because of having Egg yolks is a rich source of protein and of course the use of it is recommended for everyone, especially children and mothers who are having breastfed child.  Also, use of it is effective to compensate for the lost energy during high activity.

Hamedan finger screws

Hamedan Yolk halva and Finger screw are inseparable, and they buy together. Finger screw is also a unique dessert, In terms of looks Finger screw is similar to Yolk Halva but Finger screw is white. The reason for  the name of this delicious dessert is that in past ,peoples inserted their fingers in a Finger screw bowl and wrapped Finger screw around their fingers and then they put their fingers in their mouth. The main ingredient in the preparation of  Finger screw is egg white . The main ingredients of Finger screw are: Egg whites, rose water, sugar, lemon, and cardamom. This delicious dessert life is to more than a hundred years. To prepare the best Finger screw to go to the pastry shop in Hamedan.

Hamedan Grape juice

The different varieties of grapes are grown in Iran, but all of which are not good for the juice. 2 kinds of grapes in Hamedan that they are suitable for Grape juice are as follow: Fakhri and nettle. To prepare the Grape juice first crushed and take creamed them and a type of soil that called white soil and made in Malayer, add to grape juice that is prevented from being untouchable and sour . Hamedan grape juice is one of the other Hamedan souvenirs which has a high nutritional value. Grape juice is a rich source of the A , B vitamins , Magnesium, and iron. Hamedan grape juice is sweet, loose and dark brown . But Malayer Grape juice is firmer and brighter.

Hamedan Dehydrated

Hamedan has good weather for farming and lot of people in this province are engaged in agriculture, Asad Abad is one of the cities near Hamedan that agriculture is a thriving there and varieties of fruit are available there too. The Asada-bad fruits are as follow: Grapes, peaches, apricots, apples, almonds and walnuts so in addition of high-quality fruits Hamadan  produced products such as sheet, halves, currants, and raisins. You can find this commodity in Abundance mood in Hamedan.