What are Kermanshah souvenirs?

What are Kermanshah souvenirs?

Souvenirs of  Kermanshah are glaring. Kermanshah options are perfect for travel and all the demands of a passenger traveling on the side of the historical possibility, recreation , perfect weather that is very pleasant. Kermanshah is fascinating in discussion about souvenirs.  For those travelers who are snapping souvenir concept, Kermanshah is a good place. Kermanshah souvenirs are more traditional and contain sweets, products that produce of them goes back to generations ago. You can go for the traditional indoor market and visiting a variety of crafts and sweets in the form of workshop or produced by women artists of Kermanshah. You can have fun and find your favorite souvenirs.

Kermanshah souvenirs, like Kok, bread, rice, brown bread and animal fats that whole of  them are famous. Kermanshah other types of souvenirs that can be mentioned include:

  • Sugar bread Kermanshah
  • Honey Kermanshah
  • Rosary prayer rug and Kermanshah
  • Bzhy Bread Kermanshah
  • Pancake Kermanshah
  • Buff Kermanshah
  • Klanh Kermanshah
  • Brass bread Kermanshah

    Brass bread of Kermanshah

    Kermanshah province Rice flour, is one of the famous souvenirs which has become popular among tourists and travelers. Brass bread background back to the Qajar period, about a hundred and fifty years ago when the Silk Road travelers seeking to find nutritional value. Shelf life of  Brass bread  was good food for the journey, it’s the time that Kermanshah people had right bread and rice. In Kermanshah Brass bread is sweet rice that is authentic souvenir. Rice flour, eggs, sugar, oil, cardamom, rose water and purslane seeds are substances that bread made from them. Each of these components consider the benefits of its own and if it does not hurt to be prepared by traditional methods no preservative used on them, and the abnormal part is added preservative to bread. Brass bread flavored with saffron.

    The majority of Kermanshah rice cakes are prepared with animal fats that it gives a very pleasant scent. With these tempting definitions do not  forget to buy rice flour.

    Kak of Kermanshah

    Kak bread is one of Kermanshah delicious traditional souvenirs. Kak confectionery seen in many films in terms of the thin, fragile and roll appearance that is produced out of flour, eggs, cardamom, and cinnamon oil. Kak is due to eggs and animal fats very energetic. Kak usually in terms of taste, covered with powdered sugar on it dried nuts such as almonds and pistachios and coconuts to the ground. This thin and dainty sweets are for children in the Middle Ages and has many fans, so be sure to buy Kermanshah kak with rice flour.

    Brown bread of  Kermanshah

    Maybe if you eat the brown bread of Kermanshah, you recall Kerman Kolompeh taste. Kolompeh and brown bread are in a same family, but at the same time the differences in their appearance are most obvious . Brown bread, in the local language is known as homemade bread of  Kermanshah. Brown bread has 2 kinds : 1/Simple Brown Bread , 2/Brown bread with nuts

    Brown bread is combination of: flour, sugar, saffron, rose water, and palm oil. Dates placed in the middle of the dough for peeled and mashed, they are usually extraordinary flavored Brown bread with caraway seeds. In the workshops and shops bread can be brown rice bread.

    Animal fats of  Kermanshah

  • Other very valuable souvenirs of  Kermanshah are animal fat or “Ron Don”. Ghee is a product of sheep and cow milk. In Kermanshah the weather, meadows and plains were perfect. In this beautiful land forage with good quality used to feed livestock. This has affected in the flavor of oils and animal fat of Kermanshah that is  very famous in Iran. In this way animal fat derived from cow and sheep milk, yogurt, buttermilk  and dough. Animal fats are all very good because they are weaned from the milk properties and the food has delicious flavor and aroma.The list of souvenirs related to handicraft include : carpets and rugs, color Gyvhhay, woolen cloth, wave, jewelery and leather products.