What are Khorramabad souvenirs?

What are Khorramabad souvenirs?

We can divide the Khorramabad souvenirs into two parts:

  • Food souvenirs
  • Handicrafts souvenirs

You can prepare them for yourself base on your own taste. Khorramabad is one of the green cities of West of Iran that is the capital of  Lorestan province. This city has many historical and natural attractions. These attractions attract tourists to themselves.

Khorramabad souvenirs are contained as follow:

  • Bread flour traditional pastry of Khorramabad
  • Animal oil
  • Honey
  • Buttery Muffins
  • Saji Bread
  • Kak Sweet
  • Tarkhineh

Khorramabad bread flour:

Bread flour is the traditional pastry of  Khorramabad that has very pleasant flavor. This pastry in terms of shelf life is a good choice to be the souvenir. The main component of that contains Oil, Sugar, and Flour. You can also add flavors and different kinds of brains to it.

Base on them, bread flour divided into three parts:

  • Walnut bread flour
  • Coconut bread flour
  • Pea bread flour

Khorramabad animal oil

Khorramabad and Lorestan province are congested with lawns and forest with good vegetation and they are the power supply of  Livestock and this quality has the effect on the dairy products of them. One of the best things that you can provide from this city is animal oil that has the extraordinary taste and it is aroma. Delfan region makes the best oil of Lorestan and this is available for you to buy. You can prepare it as the souvenir for someone or for your consumption and enjoy its great taste that it gives to your food. Animal oil usually has two colours: White and Yellow.

Some of the properties of the animal oil are as follow:

  • Reduce blood viscosity
  • Reduce waste fats of blood
  • Freshness and whiteness of the skin
  • Detoxify the body

Khorramabad Honey

There are many diverse and fragrant plants in the Lorestan province that they cause to be the good, appropriate and natural nutrition for the bees. You can access to the honey with the good quality here. As well as some side products such as Potion of honey, wax and … are available. We can say that one of the best souvenirs of Khorramabad is the honey that has many uses and properties.