What are Orumieh Souvenirs?

What are Orumieh Souvenirs?

Orumieh souvenirs are had many kinds of variety.

Orumieh is one of the beautiful cities with the good weather which attracts many tourists, especially in summer.

Near all these attractions the travelers are the worry for buying souvenirs for whom they are not near them on this trip and whom they want to have a gift from this city. Handicrafts and souvenirs of Orumieh with lots of variety will make all the travelers satisfy. Traditional sweets, sweet, distillates and Orumieh carrot halva are in the case of best selections as souvenirs.

The other souvenirs of Orumieh are as follow:

  1. a) Different types of local jams:

Apple, Cherry, Quince, Damask Rose, Carrots, Peaches and so on.

  1. b) Different types of syrups:

Cherry, Rose water, Lemon balm, Musk willow and so on.

  1. c) Different types of bread:

Ardeh, Tanour Chereh, Yakhl Chereh, Tava Chereh, Jozla Chereh.

  1. d) Different types of pickles:

Mix pickles, Leyte pickles, Seven Bijar pickles.

  1. e) Traditional sweets:

Tareh Halva, Dowshab Halva, Nesa,  Halva.

Orumieh Noql (Sweet):

One of the most famous souvenirs of Orumieh is Noql . From the past sweet has good location between Iranians and particularly it is a good replace for sugar near tea. Even you can see it in many ceremonies. Making sweet is not too much sophisticated today and everyone do it with the machine but it was very hard to do that in the past. Sweet is one of the products that making from the sugar. Heat the sugar to melt and then add Nuts such as  Pistachio, Almond that should be added to them and finally, add essence. In fact, we can divide this kind of sweet to three parts: Core, Veneer and Flavors that based on them they have various types. White veneer provided from sugar. In its core usually, they put Almonds, Walnuts, and Pistachios. Common flavors in Orumieh are Musk willow, Cinnamon, Saffron, Vanilla and the essence of various fruits. Also in terms of size, they are: small, medium and large. It can be said that sweet is one of the most delicious souvenirs of Orumieh that no one can easily pass around it.

Some of the sweets with different taste are pointed at bellow:

  • Musk willow sweet
  • Saffron sweet
  • Damask rose sweet

Orumieh Musk willow Noql (Sweet):

Musk willow is one of the native plants of  Orumieh. To produce this kind of sweet put slice shape of Almond in Musk willow. Sometimes you can make the white veneer from sugar and water and combine them together.  Sweet is almost ready but it is not the end of the work. Finally, you must add Musk willow until the sweets give good taste and aroma. The operation of aromatic the almond with dried Musk willow plant is costly. So it is possible that many persons use non-natural essential oils. It is White as same as silk so it is known as the silky sweet. I think that this is one of the best sweets and it can be the good choice as the souvenir from the Orumieh.


Orumieh Saffron Noql (Sweet):

Procurement stages of this kind of sweet are as same as Musk Willow Sweet with this kind of different that they use walnut for its core and Saffron as a coverage and its essence.

Orumieh Damask ros Noql(Sweet):

The way of preparing Damask rose sweet is as same as the other ones but in the coating of this kind you can see the dried flowers of Damask rose either. They will give the beautiful and tempting appearance to the sweets.

Orumieh carrot halva:

Orumieh carrot halva is known as same as sweet and the other souvenirs of Orumieh. This kind of halva contains walnut, grape juice, and carrot that all of them are very delicious. This kind of halva is preparing especially in Yalda night for people in Orumieh and West Azerbaijan. It is full of energy and helpful for the body and very well to use in the cold weather.

Orumieh Beverages:

West Azerbaijan province has good weather and because of that this province has many medicinal and mountainous herbs and so they produce many beverages. You can simply prepare these beverages from Orumieh. Musk willow and lemon balm are the most famous beverages of Orumieh.

Some of the Orumieh beverages are as follow:

  • Rose water
  • Yarrow
  • Willow leaves
  • Walnut leaves
  • Chamomile
  • Pennyroyal
  • Tendrils
  • Fumaria
  • Tarragon
  • Chicory
  • Fenugreek
  • Borage
  • Celery
  • Satureja
  • Sour orange distillate
  • Lettuce,
  • Mountain Watermelon
  • Alfalfa
  • Seven sugar plants
  • Eglantine
  • Dill
  • Teucrium
  • Hawthorn
  • Ziziphora tenuior
  • Territory

All of these beverages have their own medicinal properties. They are good idea to be as the souvenir.

Orumieh Musk willow Distillate

Musk willow is the plant that grows in the Western Azerbaijan province and it has many uses. Its distillate uses in many parts. For example for makes food, drink aromatic and also the medicinal properties of that they are very important. Musk willow is very effective in the treatment of dizziness, Anemia, and Strengthen the heart.

Orumieh Lemon balm Distillate

Orumieh Lemon balm Distillate is as same as Musk willow Distillate and it is using for making food and sweets aromatic, it has also medicinal properties either , some of these properties are as follow:

  • Tuning blood pressure
  • Tuning heart failure
  • Joy

Orumieh traditional sweet

Orumieh traditional sweet has a long antiquity and they prepared it from the long time ago in the group shape. Today preparing these sweets are doing in workshops. These sweets are vary.

Some of them are as follow:

  • Louzanak
  • Oven see sweet
  • Soujouq
  • Tareh Halav
  • Doushab Halva
  • Nesa Halava

Louzanak Orumieh

Louzanak is preparing from the Grape juice, Starch, Rose water and water. In the shape, it is as same as Meskhetian Turks. For decorate these sweet people use pistachio and walnuts. You can guess the taste of the sweet from its beautiful shape.

Oven see sweet

For preparing this sweet you must mix Yogurt and flour together and after that put a little sugar to the mix. After giving the shape to the dough rub egg to it and put it in the oven. This sweet can be a good idea to be as a souvenir.

Orumieh Soujouq

The main contain for preparing soujouq are grape juice, Starch, and Rosewater after its finish put the walnut inside them and give the shape of round strip to them. When its fish cut them and pour a little coconut powder on them.