What are Sanandaj souvenirs?

What are Sanandaj souvenirs?

Sanandaj is the capital of Kurdistan province in the west of  Iran. This place has beautiful mountains and good weather. This city is the host of many tourists in the summer.  Sanandaj souvenirs have lots of variations and they are divided into many sections. Among them you can note to the Sanandaj traditional sweets.

Some of  Sanandaj traditional sweets are as follow:

  • Sesame sweets
  • Praline
  • Turpentine Gum

Some the other kinds of Sanandaj souvenirs are as follow:

  • Kak bread
  • Rice bread
  • Natural honey
  • Natural oils
  • Basluq
  • Nuts
  • Currant

Sanandaj Sesame sweets

Sesame sweets are one of the most popular sweets in this city, that in addition to excellent taste, they have medicinal properties for us either. Go to Sanandaj and enjoy from this sweet.  Sesame sweet is one of the best souvenirs of  Sanandaj. Sesame sweets have two kinds: 1. Honey Sesame sweet 2. Sugar Sesame sweet

Manna Sesame sweet

This kind of sweet is especially from Sanandaj and Kurdistan province because manna is a nectar from the insect that lives in the mountains and plains of Kurdistan and Sanandaj and they give it from the Manna trees. To prepare Manna Sesame sweet scorch the Sesame, add Manna nectar to it and put it on the flat surface. Now cut it. Their forms are neatly parts of pressed Sesame and they are very nutritious and tasty.

Manna properties:

  • Supply of glucose, sucrose, and polysaccharides
  • Treatment of Peptic Ulcer
  • Treatment of smallpox

Sugar Sesame sweet

This sweet is as same as Manna Sesame sweet but in this kind, you must add sugar nectar instead of Manna nectar.

Sesame and Manna both have lots of nutritions.

Sesame properties:

  • A rich source of protein and vitamins B, E, D, copper, zinc, calcium, magnesium,
  • Anti-rheumatism
  • Reduce cholesterol
  • Useful in the treatment of gall bladder disease
  • Effective in reducing high blood pressure

Sanandaj Praline

One of the other special sweets of Sanandaj is Praline. Praline has the special place in the Ceremony and Reception of this city. Almond and Sugar are the main ingredients of this sweet. Almond has lots of amino acid that improve blood circulation and relax the blood vessels. It is very pleasant to it Praline with a cup of tea. If you try it you will never forget its taste.

Sanandaj natural gum

Maybe you heard the name of Natural gum a lot. The gum of mastic tree is growing in the Kurdistan mountains. This is in the gaps of the stem of the tree. That is first green and very sticky, but it doesn’t have a taste that everyone enjoys it.

Sanandaj Natural gum properties are as follow:

  • Treatment of Peptic Ulcer
  • Aid in digestion
  • Treatment of gastrointestinal diseases
  • Due to better performance of the liver and Thal
  • Wound healing
  • Daily use of skin discoloration and acne resolves