What are Bam souvenirs?

What are Bam souvenirs?

Khorma-ye Mazafati Bam (Mazafati date of Bam)

Iranian dates have different kinds, that consume each one is different from the other one and they have them own shapes of consuming. Among all kinds of dates, Mazafati date is the most familiar one. The mazafati date is finding in both domestic and foreign markets and it is consuming as one of the most delicious dates. Mazafati date of Bam is the best kind of date in the whole world.

Never forget Mazafati and the other dates of Bam. Bam has the blessing of great dates.


Qaut that in the Bami accent called “Qovato” is a kind of traditional foods products that are made by the mixing several sow plants and medicinal herbs that after roasting them come to be powder and mills with sugar. This is the custom that when one woman childbirth people give her and her guests “Qovato” until she gives reinforcement.

Local Sahn Komach

The traditional and special sweet of Bam city in the Kerman province is local Sahn Komach that contains high calorie.

In this kind of sweet, local people use the kind of flour as same as Wheat flour for making dough. Before baking some materials as same as date and walnut, almond or pistachio are putting in the middle of the dough layers. This sweet is making without any preservative and additives but however, it can keep for a long time out of the refrigerator. Given the effective materials in making this sweet have many calories so you will feel satiety if you only eat one part of that with a glass of milk.